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Emergency planning

Emergencies are happening somewhere almost every minute of every day. Most are dealt with by the police, fire and ambulance services as part of their day to day work.

Sometimes an incident is more serious and needs to involve other agencies – such as local councils, the Environment Agency, the Maritime & Coastguard Agency and the National Health Service, amongst others. All of these agencies work together to plan how we would respond to and manage any major emergency.

We have plans in place to protect people, communities and the environment in a range of situations, such as:-

Plans are regularly reviewed, and the emergency services and other agencies regularly simulate emergency exercises and carry out training.

In the initial stages of an emergency, the priority is to protect life and property wherever we can, and then help communities recover as quickly as possible.

Sometimes a major emergency will only affect one area of the community, at other times it could affect a wider region. Whatever the extent, we will work closely with the media to get information out to you quickly, so that you can assess any likely impact on you and your family.


Flooding can affect anyone either by directly flooding homes and businesses or disrupting other aspects of daily life. In recent years we have experienced flooding from surface water, rivers and the sea.

Find out more about flooding, including whether you are at risk and what you can do to be prepared.

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Emergency planning for businesses

Did you know that 80 per cent of businesses affected by a major emergency close within 18 months? Or that one in five businesses suffer a major disruption every year? Are you confident that yours could cope? Your business could fail because of something that isn’t your fault or you can’t control.

There are some really simple steps that you could take to increase the chances of your business surviving a disruption. Some don’t even need to cost you anything and won’t take up very much of your time.

Plan to keep your business in business.

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