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Gullies and drainage

Gullies are drains that are situated in the road side gutter.

Road gullies and drainage

Road gullies are emptied and cleansed on a routine basis as part of our maintenance programme. This is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the Code of Practice for Highway Maintenance.

As part of the maintenance regime all road gullies are emptied and cleansed every two years, however areas which are known to have a particular problem with carriageway flooding, have the road gullies cleared on a more regular basis.

Gullies are colour coded to highlight when they were last cleared. Any gully marked with a cross has failed and shall be attended by our engineering team.

Numerous gullies throughout the area can’t be accessed due to vehicles being parked over them, we attempt to access these gullies on three separate visits.

Report blocked gullies

To report gullies which are blocked, smelling or overflowing complete our online form Drainage and coastal defences.

Report damaged gullies

To report a broken, missing or damaged gully or manhole complete our online form Roads, footpaths and cycleways.

Passageways gullies

If there is a blocked gully in a passageway, normally it is the responsibility of the owners of the properties which the passageway serves.

If the passageway is a part of the adopted highway, it will be our responsibility to clear and maintain the gully. It should be noted that there are very few passageways that are part of the adopted highway.

Drains and Sewers

All private sewers and lateral drains were formally adopted by Anglian Water. This means that you are now only responsible for the drain up to the boundary of your property, at which point, the drain becomes Anglian Waters responsibility to maintain.

To report a leak contact Anglian Water .

Avoiding Blockages

In order to avoid drains and sewers becoming blocked, you should avoiding letting any fat, grease, oil or any food waste drain down the kitchen sink. Avoid engine oil, brick mortar, concrete or mixer wash down water from entering garden or road gullies.

Wet wipes, cotton wool and other sanitary products should also be put in the bin rather than flushed down the toilet in order to reduce the chance of a blockage.

Rented Accommodation

If it is a Lincolnshire Housing Partnership  owned property then please contact them directly.

If you rent your property from a private landlord then please check your tenancy agreement to find out who is responsible for repairs of this type.

Buck Beck

The maintenance of Buck Beck is separated into three different sections along its route to the Humber Estuary.

The first section of Buck Beck, from Bradley Road through to Grove Park, Waltham is under the responsibility of the Council’s Drainage Section to maintain the flow and ensure that there are no blockages in the channel.

From Grove Park, through to the A16, behind Tollbar School, Buck Beck is maintained by North East Lindsey Drainage Board .

The final section of Buck Beck from the A16 to the outfall behind Pleasure Island is the responsibility of the Environment Agency .

If you find any blockage within the channel along Buck Beck, please report the issue through to the appropriate department.

Sustainable Drainage (SuDS)

North East Lincolnshire Council, Doncaster Council, Anglian Water and Yorkshire Water are working together on two pilot SuDS projects aiming to find new innovative solutions in flood risk management. DEFRA’s £150m ‘Innovation Programme’ provides an allocation of funding for 25 flood risk management projects across the country selected to work in new innovative ways over the next 6 years.

Areas of significant volumes of flooding have been identified within North East Lincolnshire Council. Detailed planning and preparation along with extensive community consultation will be carried out throughout 2022 to produce a draft design for the identified areas.

Contact details

Street Cleaning, Doughty Road Depot, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN32 0LL

Telephone: 01472 326300, option 2