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Victims Code

All victims of crime have a right to some type of information and support from organisations like the police and courts. The Victims’ Code, which is available in the downloads section below, says what should happen from when you tell the police about a crime until after the trial. For more information about the Victims’ Code and the support mechanisms available locally visit the Humberside Police website.

Victims’ Information Service

The Government’s Victims’ Information Service offers valuable information about reporting a crime, police investigations, going to court, and after an offender is sentenced. It also explains the help you should receive and gives information on how to find specialist support after different types of crime.

Victim Support Humber

If you’ve been a victim of any crime or have been affected by a crime committed against someone you know, Victim Support is an independent charity that helps you find the strength to deal with what you’ve been through, whether or not the crime has been reported and regardless of when it happened. Visit the Victims Support website for more information.

Help for Victims

Whether you have been affected by crime – or you know someone who has – this website could help. It provides information about how victims and witnesses should be treated within the Criminal Justice System and offers advice for those affected by crime Help for Victims.

Victims Champion

The Victims’ Champion for North East Lincolnshire helps repeat victims of anti-social behaviour, victims of hate crime and vulnerable victims within our community. The aim of the Victims’ Champion is to help more people, to make sure that those that need help get it, to promote the ASB service across the area, and, adding value to what is already in place. If you are a repeat victim of ASB or feel vulnerable and need support ring 01472 313131 and ask for the Victims’ Champion.