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Let’s keep going

11:30 am, Wednesday, 19th May 2021 - 3 years ago


LET’S Keep Going – that’s the message being sent out today from residents, key workers, and businesses across North East Lincolnshire.

As the borough eases its lockdown restrictions this week, in line with the national COVID roadmap, health experts are also reminding people of the need to carry on the good work – keeping up the necessary hands, face and space, and getting both vaccinations as soon as called.

Recent evidence from North East Lincolnshire Council revealed how four wards across the borough had gone an entire week without any positive Covid tests, with another six areas having only one case each. It added how, of the positive tests recorded, the majority were amongst the young.

The authority Deputy Director of Public Health Geoff Barnes said whilst the figures were clearly a reason for optimism, all the good work could be at risk unless everyone continued to play their part in the fight against Covid. Also clearly aware of rising concerns about new variants emerging, he said: “We can all remember those dark days when our infection rates were high, and we faced tremendous challenges. We are delighted by the way in which the community united to drive these figures down and we now sit in a far, far better place. Added to that, we are well prepared to deal with any emerging variants if they pose concern in our area.

“To protect ourselves against the virus and any variants, we must continue to keep going, follow the advice and act respectfully as we make our way through the roadmap, with vaccinations vital in every age group. We have done great work, we thank all those involved and if we all continue, then we can hopefully look forward to better days ahead,” he added.

Complementing the work done so far and encouraging the community to Let’s Keep Going, North East Lincolnshire Council leader, Cllr Philip Jackson, added: “I can only say thank you to the whole community of our borough. The support of residents, the dedication of key and health workers and the success of the vaccination programme and its uptake here is now allowing us to see the light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel.

“I have now had both my vaccinations and was happy to do so. Like the people we have spoken to here, I completely agree – the more we vaccinate the freer we will hopefully all become,” he added.

Fellow council Cabinet, Cllr Callum Procter, who at 29 is still waiting for his vaccination added: “I am certainly looking forward to having the vaccine. As we move through this pandemic and come out the other side, we need all of our communities, young and old, to be vaccinated.”

In a new series of ‘Let’s Keep Going’ videos, the first of which is released on social media today, local residents and businesses have repeated the messages.

A patient happy to be vaccinated at Grimsby’s Open Door clinic said: “I’ll feel a lot safer now. Safer around my mum and dad but also the elderly people I take care of, they’ll feel safer too knowing I’ve been vaccinated.”

Abbeygate retailer, Sarah Aspel at June Woods said:Everyone should get vaccinated – I’ll feel safe and the people who come into the shop will feel safe and will start to come out again.

“I want to get back to normal and I’m sure everyone else does, so please have your vaccinations. I have had covid, it is real, and it can kill. Now, I want to see my friends I want to go on holiday, I want to work in the shop and not have to wear a mask. I want to get back to normal,” she added.

Keith and Judy Clifton, of Cliftons Dance Academy said: “We want to get people dancing again. We just need to keep going.”

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