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Scrap metal and motor salvage licence


A licence is needed for all places where an operator carries out a business as a scrap metal dealer. A manager must be appointed for each of these sites. A site licence will also permit an operator to transport scrap metal to and from the specified sites from any other local authority area.

Collectors licences

A collectors licence allows a person to operate as a mobile collector within a local authority area. The licence does not allow the collector to move between different local authority areas and a separate licence will be needed from each authority.


Fee typeCost
Site Licence with one site£598
Each additional site added to a site licence on application£368
Collectors Licence£430
Change of Licence Details£46
Changes to Site Details on Site Licence£46 plus £46 for each additional site
Changes to Site Manager on Site Licence£173
Change from Site Licence to Collectors Licence£173
Change from Collectors Licence to Site Licence£345 plus £172 for each additional site
Copy of Licence£46

Display of licences

Site licences issued by the council will need to be displayed in a prominent place so that they can be seen by the public.

Collectors licences must be displayed in the vehicle and visible from outside the vehicle.

Contact details

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