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Register a food business

If you own or have taken over a food business in North East Lincolnshire, it is a legal requirement to register your business with the council at least 28 days before opening or taking ownership. Registration is free of charge. The details will be entered onto our register and certain details, such as type of business, address and telephone number, will be available for public inspection. Once you have registered, you will need to notify us if there is a change of ownership or change in the nature of the business.

How to register

Register your food business online and you will receive confirmation of your details have being successfully added to our premises database to be included in our inspection programme.

If you intend to set up a business that manufactures or handles (e.g. slicing and re wrapping) products of animal origin for sale onto other businesses, you may need to apply for approval of food premises. Please contact the Food Health team for more information about approval.

Other ways to register your food business

Application for approval of a food business establishment (Word)