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Wheelchair accessible taxi

Drivers of a wheelchair accessible vehicle must not refuse a wheelchair passenger, fail to help or charge extra to carry a wheelchair user.

Wheelchairs are measured at:

  • 1200mm in length including extra-long footplates
  • 600mm in width
  • 1350mm from round to top of head
  • 150mm from ground to footrest

List of the registered wheelchair accessible taxis in North East Lincolnshire

Plater numberMakeModelProprietorContact number
H116PeugeotPartnerMiss R Phillips01472 826282
H  8PeugeotHorizonMiss R Phillips01472 826282
H 22PeugeotHorizonMr A Jones07534894035
H 59PeugeotHorizonMr A Raouf07864 928948
H 82PeugeotHorizonMr C Smith07835 409846
H 51PeugeotPartnerMr D Blair07855 546782
H 19RenaultTraficMr D Clark07884 004822
H202RenaultTraficMr D Clark07884 004822
H225FordAllied ProcabMr D Clark07884 004822
H230PeugeotPartnerMr D Clark07884 004822
H 93FiatDobloMr G Bell07932359124
H 65FordConnectMr J Clayton07732099113
H175FordTourneoMr J Clayton07488 281655
H  1PeugeotPartnerMr J Shone07989 433075
H 74PeugeotPremierMr K Jamieson07951 301934
H149PeugeotHorizonMr M Shaw07794 993561
H207CitroenBerlingoMr N Gungor07799 152186
H222PeugeotHorizonMr N Rice07543 980109
H123PeugeotHorizonMr P Coulam07940 168749
H 58PeugeotPartnerMr P Singh07861 778359
H138FiatScudoMr R Snowden07956572210
H150PeugeotExpertMr S Walker07792 328091
H131PeugeotPartnerMr T Belayadi07309 787873
H132VolkswagenCaddyMr T Smith07929 005573
H137VolkswagenKudosMr W Crouch07928447526
H 28FordTourneoMr M Truman07985247719
H  4PeugeotPartnerSmt(Links) Enterprise Ltd01472 882322
H182PeugeotE7Smt(Links) Enterprise Ltd01472 882322

Contact details

Licensing, Doughty road depot, Doughty road, North East Lincolnshire, DN32 0LL

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01472 326299 option 2

Opening times: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm, except bank holidays