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Lockdown changes to registering births, marriages and deaths

4:05 pm, Thursday, 7th January 2021 - 3 years ago

Births, marriages and deaths

The way that you can register a birth, death or a marriage in North East Lincolnshire has changed slightly due to the new national lockdown.

The lockdown, which was announced by the Prime Minister earlier this week, has meant that some Council and public services have had to change in line with Government guidance.

A death which has taken place within North East Lincolnshire should be registered within five days by a close relative of the deceased, a person present at the death, or a person arranging the funeral (not the funeral director).

This can now be done over the phone. The GP will scan the necessary documents directly to the Registrar who will later contact you to take further information.

The arrival of a new baby should be registered with the register office in the district that the baby was born in. New parents should book an appointment with the register office via phone on 01472 326295 (option 1).

New parents will be able to continue to claim child benefit without first needing a birth certificate.

For notices of marriage, appointments have been suspended for the duration of the lockdown. This will be reviewed in February.

Marriages will not take place at Grimsby Town Hall and Cleethorpes Town Hall for the duration of the lockdown. This will be reviewed in February.

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