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More than 3,300 people fines since litter and dog control patrols started two years ago

3:58 pm, Friday, 11th December 2020 - 3 years ago


North East Lincolnshire Council fined more than 3,300 people for littering, cycling and dog control offences since private enforcement patrols started two years ago.

Private enforcement patrols were introduced in November 2018 after a wide-ranging public consultation.

People said they wanted to see more enforcement against those who litter and don’t pick up after their dogs.

Officers issued 3,334 fixed penalty notices in total since patrols started.

Fines issued between November 2018 and the end of October 2020 include:

  • Litter 2,355
  • Litter from vehicle 326
  • PSPO Dogs on beach 140
  • PSPO No cycling 438
  • Dog fouling 57
  • Smoking in a commercial vehicle 18

Enforcement officers patrol every ward in the borough, including parks. Most tickets are given in Grimsby town centre and Cleethorpes beachfront.

Patrols stopped when the first national lockdown started in March 2020 but resumed on 16 June as more premises reopened.

October 2020 was one of the busiest months on record for the officers after they issued 290 fines.

A fixed penalty notice (FPN) is an alternative to prosecution and allows 14 days to pay. Anyone who chooses not to pay a fine can be taken to court.

The most recent court cases saw seven defendants share a court bill of more than £2,200. Fourteen people were prosecuted two-weeks earlier for cycling offences and shared a court bill of more than £9,000.

In total, 24 people were convicted in November for cycling in a prohibited cycling zone in breach of a Public Space Protection Order.

Councillor Ron Shepherd, cabinet member for Safer and Stronger Communities at North East Lincolnshire Council, said:

“Litter makes the place look a mess, it’s harmful to wildlife and the environment.

“Nobody wants to see it on our streets, in our parks or on the beach. The same is true of dog fouling.

“Most people put litter in a bin and most dog owners take responsibility for their pets, but a small minority don’t.

“Enforcement patrols are here to protect the environment and act as a deterrent to litter louts, irresponsible dog owners and those who put others at risk by cycling in the town centre.

“They are also a helpful presence on our streets and I’m grateful for the work they do in helping keep the borough tidy.”


North East Lincolnshire Council started working with Doncaster Council to introduce private patrols for litter and dog fouling in November 2018.
Early in 2019, officers enforced against other dog control offences covered by a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). Officers also started fining people for cycling in the pedestrian zone in Grimsby town centre in July 2019.
Officers from Local Authority Support carry out patrols and gather evidence which is passed on to Doncaster Council who issue the fines on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Council.

Consultation results

North East Lincolnshire Council heard from people in 2017 who said they wanted to see more enforcement against people spoiling the borough.

In response to the question, ‘Would you support a more robust, zero tolerance approach on litter, fly-tipping and dog fouling?’ Out of 2,955 who answered, 87 per cent said yes.

In a dog control PSPO survey carried out earlier this year, 99 per cent of 428 respondents said public places should be safe and free from dog mess.

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