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New Creativity Strategy for the area to be heard at Council’s Cabinet

1:42 pm, Tuesday, 15th March 2022 - 2 years ago


The new “Creativity Strategy” for North East Lincolnshire is set to be approved at the Council’s Cabinet [this week].

The strategy, developed working with specialist organisation, Beam and funded by NELC, Arts Council England and National Lottery Heritage Fund, will help to drive forward the work underpin the resurgence in creative work in the area.

The strategy outlines nine “Stories” of” that will be considered in future arts, culture and heritage work:

  • The role Grimsby, Immingham, Cleethorpes and the Wolds play in the world
  • The Sea
  • The Coast
  • Green space, The Wolds, ecology and biodiversity
  • Sustainable energy and environmental responsibility
  • Welcoming visitors
  • Food and drink
  • Local people, industry, trades, innovations and achievements
  • Historic buildings, public spaces and landscapes

“Stories are at the heart of this creativity strategy,” said Frances Smith at Beam. “The strategy is focused on how creativity can be used as a way to learn about, understand and share our stories with others. Stories will be at the heart of all creative activity in the area, the consistent themes running through everything.”

The Creativity Strategy outlines a five year framework and sets out key ambitions grouped under three key themes:

  • Creativity for all: including increasing the amount and visibility of creative activities in the area, focussing on equity, diversity and inclusion, involving young people and bringing generations together;
  • Creative economy: including developing the next generation of creative people, securing funding, supporting creative individuals and businesses;
  • Creative working: including embedding creativity in everyone’s lives, taking advantage of digital technology, striving for quality, working in collaboration and learning from others.

These themes will be the driver for increasing the amount and quality of creative activity in the area, for increasing opportunities for people to be creative, for encouraging people to take part, for promoting the area, supporting the local economy and improving people’s lives.

The Cabinet will review the Creative Strategy on 16 March. If this is approved, the next steps will be to develop a Creativity Board for the area – a steering group – to continue and lead the work developed in the Creativity Strategy. There will be opportunities for local creative individuals and businesses to take part through open recruitment to this.

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