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New national lockdown

12:01 pm, Tuesday, 5th January 2021 - 4 years ago


Dear residents,

As of today, we’re entering a new national lockdown. This is the last thing that any of us wanted to face in the new year, but if this will help save just one life from being taken by this deadly virus it has to be worth it.

The pandemic is relentless and we’ve all had to adapt to a new way of living over the past year, with our lives changing constantly in many ways. You’ve all played your part in this and for that, you should all be proud.

We know, that in North East Lincolnshire, we’ve been working hard, coming together to reduce the numbers of infections, but it’s clear that the NHS is facing mounting pressure locally and across the country.

The new restrictions announced yesterday are the next step in our fight against coronavirus and to alleviate this pressure and support our vital care organisations.

I know you’ll be tired and frustrated, but it’s so important that you continue to follow the new laws and restrictions that are coming into place.

As a Council, we’re committed to continuing to provide our essential services throughout this lockdown, as we did in the first lockdown.

As further guidance becomes available from the Government, particularly around shielding support and any additional financial support for businesses and other organisations, we’ll issue details on our website and social media – please watch for updates.

The good news is that the COVID vaccination programme is also rolling out as safely as it can to as many people as possible in our community- and we expect the pace of that to pick up significantly in the coming weeks. But until more people are vaccinated, and the number of infections reduces across the country, we must all act now to protect our family and friends. Whilst this offers hope, it doesn’t replace the need to stick to the guidance of “hands face space” and to isolate and seek a test if you have any of the symptoms. 

We continue to develop easier access to testing within the borough, making best use of available technologies, to keep transmission of the virus as low as possible. All through this pandemic, the success of our response has been for the most part due to your co-operation and following these basic rules. 

I know it will be a difficult time for many people in our community. But we must pull together to get through this once again. No one has to be alone; support is available whether that be a friendly voice to speak to on the phone, help getting food items if you have no one else to turn to or financial support through government grants.

Keep in touch with each other. Support your neighbours and friends where they need it. But please, follow the guidance and stay at home.

Take care, and stay safe.

Philip Jackson

Leader, North East Lincolnshire Council

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