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New wheelie bins – find out where deliveries are happening next

3:30 pm, Thursday, 24th September 2020 - 3 years ago


New wheelie bins are arriving at thousands more homes as part of North East Lincolnshire Council’s massive recycling overhaul.

Recycling bins are arriving at households in parts of The Willows, Bradley, Nunsthorpe, Sidney Sussex, Humberston, East Marsh, West Marsh and Waltham during the next the next couple of weeks.

From 6 October, bins will be delivered in parts of Nunsthorpe, Humberston, Sidney Sussex, Park ward and Yarborough ward. And from 13 October in Nunsthorpe, Scartho, Haverstoe, East Marsh, Park ward, and Immingham.

Visit the recycling bins page at to check your delivery date. Some new build homes, communal properties and houses with no front garden will not appear on the calendar.

North East Lincolnshire Council is installing mini-recycling sites at properties including flats and maisonettes where several households share a communal garden. These properties effectively share a group of recycling bins between them when there isn’t space for every household to have its own set of bins.

The Council has written to about 2,000 properties without a front garden and restricted access to the rear garden to let them know what is happening with their recycling collections. Households in these areas where space is a problem are asked if they would like to sign up for the new bins or keep using the recycling boxes. So far 65 households have said they will take the new bins.

Cllr Stewart Swinburn, portfolio holder for Environment and Transport at North East Lincolnshire Council, said:

“More and more people in North East Lincolnshire are recycling, and with about 43,000 homes now using the new bins, we’re making it even easier.

“A lot of people are eager to get their new bins and some are asking why one part of their street has bins already, but theirs won’t arrive until a month or so later.

“The delivery schedule is based on our recycling collection rounds, which are set up to make them as efficient as possible for our crews. 

“Please don’t call us straight away if you notice your neighbour or other people in your street have received bins, but you haven’t.

“It could be that the delivery crew has gone to collect more bins from the depot, or some households might be on a different round to others in their street.

“Please wait a day or two before calling to report a missed delivery, in case the crew yet haven’t finished in your area.

“And if you do report a missed delivery, please call back to let us know if the bins arrive later so we don’t need to send another set.”

Sign up for email updates about waste and recycling at

Using your new bins

All bins come with an instructional leaflet. Copies of the leaflet are also on the recycling bins page of the council website at

Households start using their new bins as soon as they arrive. They replace the three recycling boxes.

Mark your bin with your house number and make a note of the unique reference number on the side of the bins, so you know which is yours.

Collection days will remain the same for most homes until early 2021. There are no changes to collections for household waste, garden waste or collections from communal bins.

Households can help by making sure the recycling is put in the right bin when it arrives. Symbols on the bin lids clearly show what goes in each bin.

Paper and card go in the blue wheelie bin. It replaces the blue box. Plastic bottles, food tins and drink cans and glass bottles and jars go in the grey wheelie bin.

Most people are using the bins properly, but a small number have put items including nappies, household waste and even parts of a sofa in the blue bin.

This contaminates the whole load and can mean the paper and card can’t be recycled.

Bin crews will not empty the bins for people who put the wrong items in them.

What happens to existing recycling boxes?

North East Lincolnshire Council is working with Stallingborough-based recycling company Grimsby Granulation Ltd to collect and recycle the unwanted boxes. The boxes are ground into pellets ready to be used to make new products.

A team from Grimsby Granulation Ltd is following the council’s waste crews and taking the boxes that are left out on the first collection days with the new bins.

They carry cards to show they are working with the council. There have been reports of other people taking the boxes.

Unwanted boxes can also be returned to the Community Recycling Centres in Grimsby or Immingham.

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