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North East Lincolnshire Local Election 2024

9:04 pm, Thursday, 2nd May 2024 - 2 weeks ago


Tune in to this page throughout the evening to follow all of the latest updates on this year’s local elections.

Did you know?

  • There are 117,498 people within North East Lincolnshire registered to vote in the May 2024 elections.
  • This year, we have had 97 polling stations across North East Lincolnshire. These take the form of village halls, school classrooms and portacabins and even the recently restored Scartho Cemetery Chapels.

03:02 – And that’s about it from us in the Council’s Communications Team. The results can be found in full over on our Elections page here: Local election results – 2 May 2024 | NELC (

Thank you for tuning in. We hope you’ve found this evening’s coverage useful.

02:53 – Result: Immingham – Con hold – Trevor Richard CROFTS elected #le2024 #NELection #LocalElections

Conservative candidate, Trevor Crofts

02:48 – Result: Park – Lab gain – Robson Jack AUGUSTA elected #le2024 #NELection #LocalElections

Labour candidate, Robson Augusta

02:45 – Result: Humberston & New Waltham – Con hold – Hayden DAWKINS re-elected #le204 #NELection #LocalElections

Conservative candidate, Hayden Dawkins

02:38 – Result: Yarborough – Ind Gain – Les BONNER elected #le2024 #NELection #LocalElections

02:35 – In between announcements we’ll just reflect on some of the detail of the results we’ve received so far:

South Ward:

Batson, Paul – Conservative Party – 345

Bramley, Jane Elizabeth – Independent – 144

Harrison, Andrew – Liberal Democrats – 74

Mill, Sheldon – Labour Party – 726

Ward, Bill – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition – 30

02:30 – Result: Scartho – Lab Gain – Dan HUMPHREY elected #le2024 #NELection #LocalElections

Labour candidate, Dan Humphrey

02:25 – There will be a recount for Immingham Ward

02:20 – Result: Haverstoe – Con hold – Bill PARKINSON re-elected #le2024 #NELection #LocalElections

A photo of Conservative candidate, Bill Parkinson

02:04 – Result: Freshney – Ind Gain – Paul Christopher BRIGHT elected #le2024 #NELection #LocalElections

A photo of Independent candidate, Paul Bright

01:50 – Result: Heneage – Lab gain – Emma Louise CLOUGH elected #le2024 #NELection #LocalElections

A photo of Labour candidate, Emma Louise Clough

01:45 – Result: Croft Baker – Lab gain – Marian JERVIS elected #le2024 #NELection #LocalElections

A photo of Labour candidate, Marian Jervis.

01:32 – Result: South – Lab Gain – Sheldon James MILL elected #le2024 #NELection #LocalElections

A photo of Labour candidate, Sheldon Mill

01:25 – Slightly more detail on those early results:


BURTON, Andy – Liberal Democrats – received 126 votes.

CURRAN, Alexandra Jane – Conservative Party – received 411 votes

GEE, Mark Patrick – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition – received 117 votes

KACZMAREK, Edward Thomas Peter – Labour Party – received 672 votes


EMMERSON, Loyd Layton – Liberal Democrats – received 557 votes

MILLER, Barry – Labour and Co-operative Party – received 322 votes

PROCTER, Callum Terence – Conservative Party – received 85 votes

01:20 – Result: East Marsh – Lib Dem Hold – Loyd Layton EMMERSON elected #le2024 #NELection #LocalElections

A photo of Lib Dem candidate Loyd Layton Emmerson

01:18 – All remaining wards have now completed the verification process and have begun counting.

01:15 – Result: Sidney Sussex – Lab Gain – Edward Thomas Peter KACZMAREK elected #le2024 #NELection #LocalElections

A photo of Labour Candidate Edward Thomas Peter Kaczmarek
A photo of Returning Officer, Rob Walsh, announcing that four wards had completed verification.

01:00 – The verification process for Park Ward has now been completed.

00:49 – The verification process for Haverstoe and Immingham Wards has now been completed.

00:42 – The verification process for Freshney Ward has now been completed.

00:35 – The verification process for Heneage Ward has now been completed.

00:30 – The verification process for East Marsh, South, Sidney Sussex and Croft Baker wards has now been completed and the count process for those wards can now begin.

00:25 – In this year’s elections there are 12 different wards up for election all across the borough:

  • Croft Baker
  • East Marsh
  • Freshney
  • Haverstoe
  • Heneage
  • Humberston and New Waltham
  • Immingham
  • Park
  • Scartho
  • Sidney Sussex
  • South
  • Yarborough

23:21 – What happens at an election count?

  1. Postal ballot and other boxes are returned from polling stations to the auditorium.
  2. Staff verify the number of ballot papers matches the number of papers issued. The returning officer then issues a statement showing how many ballot papers have been received against how many ballot papers were expected. Counting cannot begin until this has been completed.
  3. Counting then begins and ballot papers are sorted by candidates. The returning officer will share the provisional result with candidates at which point a recount can be requested.

The returning officer will then declare the number of votes cast for each candidate and announce the name of the successful candidate.

23:09 – All ballot boxes are now in. Verification is still underway.

23:07 – BBC Look North’s Political Editor, Tim Iredale has arrived at Grimsby Auditorium ahead of this years local election results being announced.

22:44 – Did you know Grimsby Auditorium can seat 1,200 people, rising to 2,000 standing?

The largest professional theatre in Lincolnshire, the auditorium was built in 1995 and is managed by Lincs Inspire on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Council.

22:25 – Sky National Correspondent, Tom Parmenter covers the biggest events and news stories around the world, and tonight he’s in Grimsby covering the local elections!

22:12 – The first ballot box has arrived from the polling station at the Queensway Family Hub, Grimsby, just minutes after polling stations closed. Verification has now begun.

21:55 – BBC Look North are set up as final preparations are made for the 2024 Local Election count at Grimsby Auditorium.

21:08 – The stage is set at Grimsby Auditorium and we’re waiting for the voting to close at 10pm. You’ve got 50 minutes left to get to your polling station.

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