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Reminder – People’s Park play area is closed for drainage works

2:18 pm, Wednesday, 27th April 2022 - 9 months ago


North East Lincolnshire Council is reminding parents that the play area in People’s Park is currently closed for drainage improvements.

The reminder comes after reports of children playing in the area that has been fenced off for excavation works.

Parents are reminded that the area is an active construction site and the fencing is there to keep people out.

For everyone’s safety, there is no access other than for contractors undertaking the works. Signs have been put up to advise people to keep out.

The drainage is being improved following complaints from park users that the play area becomes too muddy after prolonged spells of wet weather.

As well as the drainage works in the play area, the Council is also reminding people that the pump in People’s Park Pond has broken.

This means the water isn’t moving through the filtration system and it becomes stagnant.

A Council spokesperson said:

“We’ve hired a contractor to make repairs and we expect these works to be completed soon.

“On top of this, the recent dry, sunny weather means that the algae that naturally occurs in the pond is blooming more than usual.

“Once the pump is working again, we will send in a team to clear some it and keep the pond looking great.”

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