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Right thing, right bin – council introduces new bin tags to remind people what goes in their recycling bins

12:01 pm, Friday, 11th December 2020 - 3 years ago

Bins, waste and recycling

North East Lincolnshire Council is trying out a new way to remind people what they can and can’t recycle in their new wheelie bins.

Bin crews on one of the Council’s rounds will start leaving red tags on recycling bins.

If you find a red ‘Ooops!’ tag on your bin it means you have put something in the wrong bin.

The crew will not empty the tagged bins. The tags show people why the bins were not emptied.

Households that are given a tag need to check their bins and take out anything that is in the wrong bin. The crews will then empty the bin on the next scheduled collection day.

Each bin is clearly labelled with symbols showing what to put in them.

Visit to check what you can put in your bins.

Most households received an instruction booklet with their new bins and will receive another booklet this week.

The booklets include helpful lists of items that can and can’t be recycled in the blue or grey bin.

Crews are using tags on one round. Waste and recycling staff will monitor levels of contamination. Education officers will visit those who repeatedly put the wrong items in the recycling bins and help them get it right.

Cllr Stewart Swinburn, portfolio holder for Environment and Transport at North East Lincolnshire Council, said:

“I’m grateful to everyone who is using the new bins and making the effort to recycle as much as they can.

“More and more of us are recycling and it really helps when people put the right things in the right bin.

“A small number of households are putting the wrong items in the recycling bins.

“This contaminates the whole load and can mean the materials are rejected by the reprocessing plants.

“Items such as nappies, face masks and any black plastics need to go in the green bin with other household waste.

“If you’re not sure, check online at”

What goes in the recycling bins?

Paper and card go in the blue wheelie bin. Washed plastic bottles, food tins and drink cans and glass bottles and jars go in the grey wheelie bin.

Sorting recycling helps create a better-quality product for reprocessing. Increased recycling saves energy and helps us transform existing items into something new.

Trial area

The trial round covers about 5,000 homes in parts of the following areas:

  • Mondays: Laceby and Waltham
  • Tuesdays: Grimsby/Cleethorpes (Old Clee and the area off Clee Road around Davenport Drive) and streets off North Sea Lane
  • Wednesdays: Grimsby (area between Carr Lane and Ladysmith Road) and Cleethorpes (area around Bentley Street, High Street, Alexandra Road)
  • Thursdays: Grimsby (Littlefield Lane and Bargate area, streets off Scartho Road)
  • Fridays: Immingham (area around Bluestone Lane and Winslow Drive), Great Coates and Wybers.

The tags

One one side of the red tag it says, ‘Ooops! We didn’t empty your bin today because it contains items that can’t be recycled. Please remove these items and we’ll empty your bin next time. Check to see what you CAN recycle in this bin.

On the other side it says, ‘Never put these in your recycling’ and there are photos of items people often put in the recycling but can’t be recycled. These items include crisp packets, polystyrene, nappies, clothing and broken toys.

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