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Road safety improvements made to Grimsby junction for cyclists

3:20 pm, Wednesday, 18th August 2021 - 3 years ago


A short section of cycle lane with red surfacing has been introduced across the Heneage Road and Wellington Street junction to address concerns for cyclist safety.

Over the last five years, the latest accident data in this area shows a higher than usual number of cyclist involved incidents at this location. In response, road safety engineers have reviewed the options available and put in place measures to tackle the issue.

The introduction of the red surfacing aims to raise awareness to drivers that cyclists may be present as they pass through the junction. Engineers believe the red surfacing should act as an alert for drivers to be careful of cyclists in the area. Dashed lines also indicate to passing motorists the cycle lane is only advisory and not dedicated to cyclists.  

Councillor Stewart Swinburn, portfolio holder for environment and transport, said: “Although short in length, the marking is key in highlighting to motorists that cyclists are in the area, specifically at the junction, and is important for their safety.

“It is our duty to act when there are dangers on the highway, and considering all of the options available, this red surfacing was deemed the most appropriate way to tackle this issue and improving road safety.

“It’s an innovative approach to address this issue, but it is something we are able to introduce for the benefit of cyclists and something that we will consider at other locations, should the need for it arise.”

Ward councillors have been engaged with prior to the introduction of the red surfacing and are in support of the measures to address the road safety concerns highlighted.

Additional signage in this location is also due to be installed in the coming weeks, alongside the red surfacing, aimed at raising awareness of cyclists in the area.

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