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School cameras continue to clamp down on illegal stopping

12:04 pm, Wednesday, 31st May 2023 - 9 months ago

Environment and community safety

Cameras situated outside schools in North East Lincolnshire are still “making spaces safer” outside our local schools.

CCTV cameras were installed outside of Signhills Academy in Cleethorpes last September ahead of the start of the new school term, with a two-week reprieve for any parents stopping illegally. The initiative was later rolled out to Old Clee Primary Academy in Grimsby in December last year.

Since then, a total of 152 Penalty Charge Notices have been issued to people for illegally stopping outside the schools.

Of these, 88 PCNs were issued for illegal stopping outside of Signhill’s Academy, with the remaining 64 being issued for offences outside of Old Clee Academy. 122 of the fines have already been paid.

According to North East Lincolnshire Council’s portfolio holder for safer and stronger communities, Councillor Ron Shepherd, the cameras are still keeping children safe.

“Without a doubt, these cameras are making spaces outside our schools much safer for children and their families.

“We have been very clear on our approach. This is about keeping children safe when they are entering and leaving school. We’ve seen instances before where parents are simply stopping their cars right outside the school entrance and abandoning their vehicles to take their children to school, with no regard for other road users or pedestrians.

“This initiative is working as we had hoped, and we are now looking at continuing with the planned roll-out to other schools in the area.”

The initiative has previously received praise from school staff who agreed that the cameras had helped to reduce the number of vehicles stopping outside the schools during peak times.

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