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Seven top tips for looking after Cleethorpes this bank holiday weekend

4:00 pm, Thursday, 26th August 2021 - 3 years ago

Bins, waste and recycling

If you are visiting Cleethorpes this bank holiday weekend, here are seven top tips that will help you respect the resort’s unique environment.

Cleethorpes is a great place to be, so help us to keep it that way for everyone. The resort is a special place and we all have a part to play in looking after it.

North East Lincolnshire’s coastline is internationally important for wading birds and everyone can help look after it.

Cleethorpes sits on the banks of the Humber Estuary, one of the UK’s greatest wetlands. Every year, 90-million birds fly along the East Atlantic Flyway, a super-highway that follows the coastlines from the Arctic, through Europe and into Africa.

The rich feeding grounds found in Cleethorpes and the Humber Estuary act like a motorway service station by providing a rest stop for the migrating birds. Some pass through on their way to other places whereas others stay for the winter.

Cleaning regime

North East Lincolnshire Council’s street cleansing and resort teams work hard to maintain Cleethorpes beach and keep it as clean of possible for everyone to enjoy.

A daily clean of the beach starts at 6am with the street cleansing team and takes place from Wonderland in the north, right through to Pleasure Island in the south of the resort, making sure all bins are emptied and picking up litter during the day.

The beach is also raked daily to prevent litter being drawn back into the Humber. If it is too busy to continue raking, staff will park up and litter pick instead.

Enforcement officers patrol the resort daily and will fine people for dropping litter, not picking up after their dogs or walking their dogs on the main beach.

The Resort Team Hub is opposite the Pier and open 9am to 6pm for beach safety advice, missing children, first aid and tourist information. 

Visit for more information about things to do in the resort.

Top tips

Here are a few tips to help you care for Cleethorpes this bank holiday weekend:

  • Put litter in the bin or take it home: There are 328 litter bins in Cleethorpes. If you litter, you will be fined £100. Enforcement officers patrol regularly. 
  • Recycle on the go: Drop your plastic bottles in Hammy the Haddock, the Globe or the newly installed Bucket and Spade opposite the Leisure Centre. Use one of the many new recycling bins along the promenade, but check you are putting the right things in the right bin.
  • Look after wildlife: Cleethorpes is an internationally important place for wading birds and other wildlife. Many species of birds make their home in the salt marsh. Please stick to the main footpaths so you don’t disturb them.
  • Stay away from the mud and beware of incoming tides: Resort officers are putting up signs daily to warn people to stay away from dangerous areas. Take notice of them and know your tide times.
  • Stay safe with inflatables on the water: Be wary of offshore winds (that’s wind that comes from the land going out to sea) along with outgoing tides. You can easily get swept out to sea quickly, please be mindful. 
  • Dogs are banned from the beach between Wonderland and Cleethorpes Leisure Centre until September 30. Anyone walking a dog on the beach will be fined £100. 
  • Give our workforce space to do their jobs: Be mindful of our street cleansing team as they clean the resort, please let them get on with their work.
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