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Share your Dry January stories to help those struggling with addiction

10:15 am, Thursday, 14th January 2021 - 3 years ago


We Are With You are looking are looking for people taking part in Dry January.

The North East Lincolnshire-based drug and alcohol support service wants to hear from members of the public who would be happy to share their stories.

The service would love to hear why you took on the challenge, how it’s going, what the benefits have been and whether it has changed your perceptions or behaviours around alcohol.

Your story could hopefully inspire others to reduce or stop using alcohol.

Lucy Campbell, Community Engagement Coordinator for We Are With You, said: “Dry January is a great way to cut down on alcohol, even if you don’t intend to stop permanently.

“Cutting down your intake, even for a month, can have a positive impact on your health, relationships and even your bank balance.

“We’d really love to hear what people have to say about it in their own words, and it could even help others to change or stop harmful behaviours.”

If you have a story to share, or if you know someone who does, We Are With You would love to hear it and share it on their social media.

Just contact [email protected] to share your experience. Submissions can be made anonymously or under your own name.

Dry January is an annual event which aims to get people to go alcohol-free for a month.

People often continue with their new-found abstinence for several months because they feel better without a drink.

Others recognise that they need to drink less from now on and perhaps learnt how they were using alcohol for the wrong reasons.

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