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Spring clean your home energy bills and save money with the Big Community Switch

3:59 pm, Friday, 26th May 2023 - 9 months ago


North East Lincolnshire Council and its delivery partner, Equans, have once again teamed up with the Big Community Switch this Spring.

The scheme is free to take part in and could help you cut your energy bills.

The process is simple, quick and obligation free. With nothing to lose, the scheme could see you saving a hefty sum.

Registrations opened on Monday 22 May, and you have until Monday 31 July to be accepted to the scheme.

Register for the scheme online at:  

Those who do not have access to the internet can contact the Home Energy Team to sign up. If you are calling the team, don’t forget to have a copy of your recent gas and electricity bill with you.

Our springtime energy saving tips: 

  • Spring clean your appliances (fridge, filters, cooker and radiators)– dirt and dust can clog up appliances making them less efficient
  • Do not leave electrical appliances on standby, unplug them when they’re not in use
  • Switch to energy saving light bulbs
  • Turn off lights when leaving a room and open curtains using natural light where you can
  • Only fill the kettle with the water you need for a hot drink 
  • Layer up your clothing when you’re cold
  • Ensure your property is insulated
  • Get a smart meter to help keep an eye on how much energy you are using
  • Take monthly meter readings and submit to your fuel supplier (if you do not have a smart meter)
  • Wash clothes at a lower temperature and use the washing line to dry (where possible)
  • Educate the household on switching appliances off
  • Try not to block radiators with curtains or furniture
  • Look at switching tariffs – sign up for the Big Community Switch or use a comparison website

For more information on the Big Community Switch visit or call the Home Energy Team on (01472) 32 4703.

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