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Thank you for disposing of your waste and recycling responsibly this Christmas

4:24 pm, Tuesday, 29th December 2020 - 3 weeks ago

Bins, waste and recycling

North East Lincolnshire Council is saying a big thank you to households who are disposing of their waste and recycling responsibly this Christmas holiday.

Council workers found only small amounts of illegally dumped waste at the areas bring to recycling banks after the Christmas break.

Last Christmas, workers cleared heaps of fly-tipped rubbish from the sites in just a few hours on the day after Boxing Day.

It was a different story this year when crews arrived at the sites early on Sunday and Monday (27 and 28 December) to empty the recycling bins. Most sites were clear with only a small amount of fly-tipped waste found at a handful of sites.

Councillor Ron Shepherd, portfolio holder for safer and stronger communities, said:

“I’m grateful to all households who are disposing of their waste and recycling responsibly this Christmas holiday.

“The tidy scenes at the area’s recycling banks are a far cry from the mountains of carboard and other fly-tipped waste our workers had to remove last Christmas holiday.

“This is the first Christmas with the new recycling bins. Each bin holds the same as about six of the old recycling boxes. Almost all households are using them now and seeing the difference.

“There’s absolutely no need to dump rubbish at the recycling banks. Other people can’t get to the bins and we can’t reach the bins to empty them until the waste has been cleared out of the way.

“If a bring to site is full, try again later or take your waste to one of the community recycling centres in Estuary Way, Grimsby, or Queens Road, Immingham.”

Bring to recycling banks

There are about 30 bring to recycling banks across the borough at busy locations such as supermarkets and car parks.

They are convenient places for people to recycle reasonable amounts of cans, glass, paper, card and plastic bottles, but should not be used for depositing commercial or household waste or garden waste.

Recycling banks carry signs clearly showing what goes in each bin at the bring to sites.

Signs also say what to do if the bins are full and warn people they will be fined if they dump rubbish illegally.

Most people use the sites properly, but a small number illegally dump rubbish at them.

This makes it hard to empty the bins and prevents other people using them. It’s also harmful to the environment and makes the area look unsightly.

If the bins are full, people should return later or use the Community Recycling Centres (CRC or the tip) in Grimsby or Immingham.

Sites are monitored with CCTV and enforcement officers are continually investigating evidence found at a small number of the sites.

The Council removed several recycling banks last winter. Some of the sites were underused, while others were used to illegally dump other rubbish such as fridges, building waste and food waste.

Community Recycling Centres

The Council encourages households to dispose of any excess waste and recycling at the Community Recycling Centres (CRC or tip) in Grimsby and Immingham.

The tips are open every day except New Year’s Day. Opening hours are 8am to 6pm and 8am to 4pm on New Year’s Eve.

Grimsby tip can be very busy at peak times. Try visiting Immingham instead if there are long queues.

if you’re using a commercial or large vehicle, register beforehand by visiting

Grimsby CRC is in Estuary Way, Grimsby DN31 2UD. Immingham CRC is in Queens Road, Immingham DN40 1QR.

Between April and October this year, the Council spent £41,286 in disposal costs alone for fly-tipped waste. The total budget for street cleansing is about £1.5-million per year.

Fly-tipping is a crime and the council investigates all incidents. Anyone who is caught risks a £400 fixed penalty notice. Where we find enough evidence that can be used, we will take offenders to court, where stiffer penalties can result, including unlimited fines and or imprisonment of up to five years.

To report fly-tipping, visit and give as much information as possible.

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