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Time-sensitive preliminary survey work planned for Local Plan site

3:00 pm, Friday, 10th September 2021 - 3 years ago


NORTH East Lincolnshire Council has announced that work will be taking place on a number of time-sensitive preliminary surveys on a site earmarked in the local plan for a housing and link road development.

The essential survey works are needed for fact finding and preparation only at this stage. Assurance has been given that this does not mean that any potential plans for the Grimsby West Strategic Link Road and associated housing development have progressed, and that no formal planning works have started.  Any progress, adds the council, will be well communicated with formal engagement and consultation events taking place ahead of any planning process.

From Monday, September 13, the surveys will start to secure data needed around ecology and habitat, the location of utility pipes and cables, ground investigation works and archaeological surveys. This work needs to be carried after summer harvest periods but before winter.  There will also be activity near the public highway, but this will not impact upon traffic flow. These surveys will provide essential data required if the project moves to its next stage.

As reported, a Government grant funding bid has been submitted by the council to potentially secure up to £50m, of which a large part would enable development of a strategic link road. That would enable access to what is currently private farmland for the building of up to 3,500 new homes.

Both projects are outlined within the 2018 Local Plan for the area, which was approved after full consultation. One of the aims of the Local Plan is to assess and plan for future housing need for North East Lincolnshire, whilst looking at how the green and natural environment in that area can be developed and enhanced alongside the development.

If the project goes ahead, the new road could providing access to the homes, as well as easing congestion on existing highway network, cutting journey times and reducing carbon outputs.

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