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Top 10 Tips to Help You Enjoy the Summer Weather Safely

11:13 am, Thursday, 11th August 2022 - 2 years ago


We’re forecast a scorcher in North East Lincolnshire with lots of sunshine, blue skies and temperatures set to reach the high twenties every day this week.

Our top 10 tips will help you and your family make the most of the summer weather safely.

1. Stay safe in the sun: Stay indoors or seek shade during the hottest parts of the day, make sure you and the kids use sunscreen (the higher the factor the better) and reapply often, and wear a hat, sunglasses and loose-fitting clothes.

2. Try not to do too much strenuous activity if you can like sport, DIY or gardening. If you need to, try and keep it to the cooler parts of the day. If your job means you’re working outside, take extra care to follow these tips.

3. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices but try to avoid alcohol as this can make you more dehydrated.

4. Keep your home as cool as possible by closing curtains on windows that let a lot of sun in your home. Keep windows that are exposed to daytime sun closed during the day and open windows at night when the temperature has dropped.

5. Check in on people who may be vulnerable to the hot weather like older people, babies and young children. People who are isolated, ill or have long-term conditions may need help to keep their living space cool.

6. Keeping your baby safe: Make sure babies are getting enough fluids, try to keep the room where they sleep between 16-20 degrees and if you need to travel with babies and small children make sure you take regular breaks.

7. Learn the symptoms of heatstroke which can become an emergency. Some existing health problems can be made worse by hot weather. Seek medical advice if you are worried. For urgent advice and support 24/7, contact You can also call 111, but the phone lines are in a lot of demand and you are likely to get sorted quicker online.

8. Be fire safe: Remember just how quickly fires can start in hot, dry weather. Never leave a barbecue unattended and ensure it is cool before attempting to move it. If you are having a day out in the country, take a picnic rather than a barbecue.

9. Be careful around water: Never swim alone and don’t drink alcohol before going in the water. Swim at a lifeguard beach between the red and yellow flags.

10. Look after your pets: Make sure they have enough to drink, walk in the cooler parts of the day and never leave your pets in the car even with the windows open.

Mr Geoff Barnes, Deputy Director of Public Health for North East Lincolnshire Council said “We know that for many people, the hot weather is very welcome and we want people to enjoy it safely. Knowing how to keep yourself and those you care

for cool, hydrated and safe is going to be essential as temperatures rise at the weekend. Please follow the advice and help us by checking in on elderly relatives, neighbours, or anyone you think may be vulnerable to the extreme heat.”

Remember, sunburn isn’t just painful and unpleasant, it also increases your risk of skin cancer.

For a detailed guide of hot weather tips to keep you and your environment safe in the sun, visit:

If you or someone you know or care for feels unwell with a high temperature during hot weather, it may be heat exhaustion or heatstroke. Find out what to look out for and when to get help:

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