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Town Centre Day of Action

11:52 am, Friday, 22nd July 2022 - 2 years ago

Environment and community safety

GRIMSBY Town Centre and Freeman Street will be the focus of a special ‘day of action’ tomorrow (Saturday, July 23) as organisations come together to crack-down on nuisance and antisocial behaviour.

The event will officially mark the end of National Antisocial Behaviour Week and represents on-going work between the council, the police, and other agencies including Enforcement Officers, youth workers and those supporting rough sleepers, to improve town safety. Using Freshney Place’s Community Hub as a base, teams will be working all day and then into the evening.

They want to use the day to not only deter those creating a nuisance and take the necessary action if required, but to unite to take a thorough look at the issues – good and bad – in the two urban and shopping areas on a Saturday. By doing so, they want to then come up with some longer-term solutions – using the information they gather to shape further actions.

“We want to be visible, to show people we are here, and that it’s our firm intention to do whatever we can to make Grimsby a safe place to be for residents and visitors,” said North East Lincolnshire Council’s Portfolio holder for Safer and Stronger Communities, Cllr Ron Shepherd.

Verbal abuse, rowdy and nuisance behaviour, cycling in prohibited areas, illegal parking and littering will all be the focus of attention tomorrow as the most frequent types of antisocial behaviour.

“There is no excuse for bad behaviour, and we are determined to do what we can to deter it and take action against those who seem intent on ruining the lives of others,” added Cllr Shepherd.

As reported, the Council has also extended its Public Space Protection Orders, (PSPOs) in six key areas of the borough for the next three years which gives officers and the Police powers to stop and fine offenders in six of our hotspot areas. Victoria Street is one of those areas, banning cycling with £100 on-the-spot fines.

  • As we come to the end of National ASB Awareness Week, North East Lincolnshire Council can also reveal it has successfully worked with the Government-recognised body called ASB Help to commit to what is known as the ASB Pledge and received accreditation for this from ASB Help. The council has been allowed to officially adopt the ‘pledge’, which means it has achieved all standards in dealing with ASB and victims. The Council ASB Team has also created and adopted a written Victim Charter, which lets ASB victims know what services they have a right to receive.
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