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Waste and recycling collections – update 9 August

4:42 pm, Wednesday, 9th August 2023 - 11 months ago

Bins, waste and recycling

Following constructive discussions with the trade unions yesterday, North East Lincolnshire Council is working to resume collections of dry recycling as soon as possible.

Although there is no formal industrial action taking place, and the Council is not in an official dispute, operational and staffing issues remain in the waste service and waste collections are still experiencing delays across the borough. Recycling crews are still currently being re-deployed to make sure household and garden waste is being collected on time.

Further discussions are scheduled to take place with union colleagues imminently, and it is hoped that a long-term resolution can be found to the current issues. Until that time, the Council is looking at ways in which it can make sure that dry recycling collections can resume alongside household and garden waste collections, and will update as soon as plans are confirmed.

Following the meeting it has also been confirmed that internal processes to address performance issues involving some staff are being followed, and no further statement will be made on this.

As reported, the dry recycling collections were suspended on 31 July due to various staffing issues, which led to this week’s discussions between the Council and the trade unions.

Since then, domestic and garden waste collections have been taking place as normal and are up to date after crews were redeployed across the service.

Additionally, dry recycling from streets that were missed before the recycling rounds were suspended has now been collected, and deliveries of waste bins have been restarted.

The service will be monitored closely. Updates about the service for next week will be posted on the Council’s website,, on social media and also updated through the GovNotify service for those who have subscribed to Environmental updates.

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