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Wheeling to wellbeing – top tips to squeeze a bike ride into your home working routine

4:28 pm, Friday, 21st January 2022 - 2 years ago

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Working from home doesn’t always give you time to break out the bike and pedal away, but with Love to Ride’s five top tips for squeezing back into the saddle you’ll be able to smash your new year’s resolution in no time.

During the pandemic it’s been more difficult for some to find time to cycle – especially those who’d normally bike to work but now work from home.

If this is you, here are five top tips to help you find time to cycle.

Start small

You don’t need to rack up the miles – a quick ride once a week can be a real achievement if you’re working all hours, and there will still be lots of benefits. Love to Ride says you should ‘start where you feel comfortable and build up from there’.

Add a commute to your home office

The daily commute can be great for helping us to switch off and leave work behind. But working from home has snatched that luxury from many.

By adding a commute – in the form of some sort of loop or local circuit that starts and finishes at your home, you can take in some views and get fresh air before working from home.

Prepare in advance

Preparation is key but it also adds on some time to getting out on your bike. By getting everything out beforehand – having your bike nearby and all of your riding gear ready, you can hop out at a moment’s notice.

According to Love to Ride, by having everything ready you’re less likely to postpone your ride until tomorrow.

Get out on your lunch break

Cycling can be great for getting those creative juices going and reducing stress levels, and you can even invite a friend or colleague to join you.

Remember that feeling

Experts at Love to Ride say that the best thing to do when debating a bike ride is to remember that feeling of completing a ride. How do you feel after a quick cycle?

Love to Ride is an organisation that wants to get more people on their bikes. Each year they host competitions to see who can cycle the furthest in their local area. And they offer great prizes to the winners and participants.

To see the full article on the Love to Ride website, visit

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