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Who’s your Crew of the Year? Share the love for the heroes on your doorstep

9:25 am, Monday, 21st June 2021 - 3 years ago


Does your bin crew brighten up your day with a friendly wave? Have they come to the rescue for someone in need? Have they recovered a precious item you may have accidentally thrown away? You can nominate them to get the recognition they deserve.

A bin crew worker will typically walk 10 miles a day in all weathers collecting and hauling about eight tonnes of waste and recycling.

Crews work extremely hard to drag and empty thousands of heavy bins each day, in a tough, smelly and physically demanding job. The work they do is vital to keeping North East Lincolnshire clean and safe.

We want to hear your story about how a bin crew has gone above and beyond, or simply just brightened up your day. You can only make one nomination per household.

If you are struggling to access the above link, please visit

When the pandemic began and many people had to stay at home, bin crew workers played a vital role and continued to hit the streets carrying out their duties, getting rid of people’s rubbish. They were praised by residents from across the borough as they adapted to new working methods due to Government guidelines and social distancing. Dozens of rainbow drawings from local children were displayed on bin wagons to thank the key workers and to bring some positivity and brightness to the streets during a difficult time.

Councillor Stewart Swinburn, portfolio holder for environment and transport, said: “The pandemic brought more of an understanding and appreciation for our key workers, including our bin crews – the heroes on your doorstep.

“They play a key role in keeping the borough clean and safe, collecting domestic, recycling and garden waste. This competition, open to the people of North East Lincolnshire, is a great way to give them the recognition they deserve and thank them for all they do.

“Nominate your Crew of the Year today and make sure you tell us why you think they’re the best as it will help pick the winners.”

There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the top three nominated crews, as well as a special recognition award for a crew or worker that has gone above and beyond the line of duty (that’s why it’s important to explain why you have voted for them).

How you can help our bin crews by following these simple tips:

  • Leave your bins and boxes out by 7am at the boundary of your property.
  • Most people manage their household waste well, but if you have too much rubbish for your bin, check you’re recycling as much as you can. Take any excess waste to the Community Recycling Centre (the tip) in Grimsby or Immingham.
  • Recycle as much as you can. Don’t forget to squash down plastic bottles and drinks cans and cut down cardboard to fit into your recycling bins. Crews will take all recycling that has been correctly presented in the recycling bins.
  • Break down cardboard boxes and remove all polystyrene, bubble wrap and other packaging before disposing of them.
  • All household rubbish that can’t be recycled goes in the green wheelie bin with the lid down. All rubbish needs to be in the bin and the lid closed. Please don’t leave rubbish next to your bin.
  • If you live in a narrow street, park tight against the kerb, fold in wing mirrors, don’t park at a junction and never park on double yellow lines. Our bin wagons are big and need a gap of 3m (10ft) to pass safely, about the same as a fire engine. We can’t empty the bins when cars block the street.
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