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Young Advisors AGM and Awards 2023

3:37 pm, Friday, 5th May 2023 - 1 year ago

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Wednesday 19 July saw the yearly Young Advisors AGM and Awards Ceremony take place. This was a wonderful evening celebrating all things Young Advisors, highlighting the amazing work which has taken place over the past year with the teams, communities, and partners they work with. The event saw our Northeast Lincolnshire Young Advisors Team win two fantastic awards which were truly deserved by all parties.

First…Best Community Project

UCL Peer-research Partnership Project of investigating what it is like growing up in a Coastal Community.

This research was led by Rachel Benchekroun, from the Thomas Coram Research Unit within the UCL Social Research Institute in partnership with Pippa Curtin (Voice and Influence Co-ordinator for NELC and local lead for NEL Young Advisors) a long with six young-researchers. Excellent directions were provided by the leads throughout the extended project which enabled the young researchers to learn so much from the project itself.

The work saw our young people co-design the research, interview residents from our community and helped analyse the data itself. This project was an excellent opportunity for our young people to work directly with such a prestigious university and their expert sociologist department to further local issues identified from the research about our local area.

Read the main report on the findings: Intergenerational perspectives on growing up in coastal towns: Report on NEL project – November 2022 (

Read a short blog-post on the findings: Opportunities, aspirations and mobilities for coastal youth: emerging findings | UCL Global Youth

Second…Special Recognition Award

To Pippa Curtin, lead for our North East Lincolnshire (NEL) Young Advisors Team.

This was an extremely special award to win as Pippa brings so much passion, dedication and voice of reason and patience to all of her work concerning Young Advisors, both locally and nationally. Pippa is always at the table for national discussions and thinking of unique ways to engage with the wider charity, promoting the work we do and being an ambassador to all. Pippa is always happy to offer support where she can in whatever realm by meeting new teams to offer guidance and attending commissioner meetings.

Her commitment and contributions over the years have evidentially been invaluable, managing the NEL Young Advisors Team for several years now, securing captivating opportunities and commissions for her young people to take part in and learn from.

We thank all of our young people for continually standing up for youth people’s voice and improvement work encompasses all of our Children’s Services and local authority work.

If you would like to get involved in work such as this as a young person in our local community, please get in touch with Pippa at [email protected] to find out more about the fantastic youth groups we have in our local area.

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