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Mayor of North East Lincolnshire

Mayor Ian Lindley with Deputy Mayor Steve Beasant

The Mayor is the first citizen of North East Lincolnshire and undertakes an important ceremonial role in and outside the borough. However, this role is different from some Mayors and Lord Mayors, such as the elected Mayor of London.

The Mayor of North East Lincolnshire is not directly elected by the people and therefore holds no direct power. The Mayor is politically neutral in carrying out all of their Mayoral duties.

Mayor Ian Lindley with the Mayoress

The Mayor for 2023/23 is Councillor Ian Lindley. He was elected by his fellow councillors at the Mayor Making Ceremony on 18 May 2023.

He serves as Mayor for one year until the next Mayor Making Ceremony in May 2024.

Mrs Helen Lindley has been appointed as his Mayoress.

The Deputy Mayor for 2023/24 is Councillor Steve Beasant. He was elected by his fellow councillors at the Mayor Making Ceremony on 18 May 2023.

He serves as Deputy Mayor for one year until the next Mayor Making Ceremony in May 2024.

Mrs Carole Beasant has been appointed as his Deputy Mayoress.

Winners in the Civic Awards 2023

Environmental Impact Award Winner: Frank Sparkes

For selfless work looking after the North Wall in Cleethorpes for over 20 years keeping the area clean and fly tipping free.
Sporting and Wellness Award Winner: YMCA Humber Youth Club. For providing a hub for hundreds of youngsters with a welcoming atmosphere, kindness and activities inclusive for all.

Inspirational Young Person Award Winner: Jax Batty

For his relentless fundraising efforts for children and young people who have a stoma whilst he faces his own challenges and medical condition.

Business in the Community Award Winner: The Children’s House Nursery, Stallingborough

For developing and continuing to invest in a neighbourhood nursery to the highest standards in early years education.
Charity / Volunteer of the Year Award Winner: Friendship at Home. For reducing loneliness and isolation through befriending in peoples homes, over the telephone along with well-being checks and specialist advice across North East Lincolnshire.

Civic Awards are a community success story Good Neighbour Award Winner: Sandra & Graham Ellis

For running the Neighbourhood Watch Group and 5am starts watering community hanging baskets, to arranging Easter, Halloween and Christmas events for youngsters and families in Cleethorpes.

Mayor’s Community Impact Award Winner: Paint the Town Proud Project

For fantastic murals painted around the Grimsby area. Many people made this happen and these projects are being talked about in such a positive way creating a lasting legacy in our area.

Details on the Civic Awards 2024 will be posted later in the year.

The Worshipful the Mayor of North East Lincolnshire, Cllr Ian Lindley has chosen the Sunflowers Children’s Action Group and the Pink Rose Suite as his Mayoral Charites for the forthcoming year.

The Mayor of North East Lincolnshire undertakes many different duties:

  • Chairing meetings of the Full Council making sure they are conducted properly and fairly
  • Supporting the main aims of the council as it goes about its daily business
  • Representing the council at public, civic and ceremonial events in and outside of the borough and welcoming important visitors and dignitaries
  • Working actively with a wide range of local organisations and promoting the borough of North East Lincolnshire

The Mayor attends many engagements throughout the year.  These include:

  • Welcoming new business to the area
  • Religious events of all denominations
  • Supporting local charities and community groups
  • Visiting schools, day centres, hospitals and care homes
  • Opening fairs and fetes
  • Speaking at dinners and receptions
  • Greeting local, national and international guests

The Mayor of North East Lincolnshire is the first citizen of the Borough and part of their role is to promote North East Lincolnshire.

Request attendance

If you would like the Mayor to attend an event please complete our Mayor visit invite form.

Alternatively you can email us at or call on 01472 324101.

Where possible, please give at least 14 days notice before the date of the event.

Inviting the Mayor does not guarantee that they will be able to attend.

Find out if the date is available

If you want to check if the date is available before requesting the Mayor’s attendance then please contact us by email on or by phone on 01472 324101.

How to address the Mayor

The correct address is ‘The Worshipful the Mayor of the Borough of North East Lincolnshire, Councillor Steve Beasant’.

Following formal introductions ‘Mister Mayor’ is an appropriate address.

Protocol for inviting the Mayor to functions

Read the Mayor Events Protocol Tips.

Protocol to be followed at Civic Engagements

These notes must be read prior to the mayoral party attending your engagement.

It is extremely important that the following points are noted when receiving the mayoral party on a civic engagement:

  1. The Mayor/Deputy Mayor should always be met, at the agreed place, on arrival at an engagement.
  2. The Mayor/Deputy Mayor should always be accompanied throughout their visit and never left on their own.
  3. The Mayor/Deputy Mayor should always have all relevant background information about the event (and about the host organisation where appropriate) including an itinerary for the visit if applicable, a minimum of two weeks before the event (information to be forwarded to
  4. Where possible, the civic chauffeur accompanies the Mayor/Deputy Mayor throughout at all events. Please ensure that the chauffeur knows where they can park.
  5. Verbal address:
    The Mayor – Mister Mayor (male) or Madam Mayor (female)
    The Mayoress/Consort – Madam Mayoress (female) or Mister Consort (male)
    The Deputy Mayor – Mister Deputy Mayor (male) or Madam Deputy Mayor (female)
    The Deputy Mayoress/Consort – Madam Deputy Mayoress (female) or Mister Deputy Consort (male)
  6. The Mayor/Deputy Mayor should always be introduced to other guests by the host of the engagement.
  7. There are occasions at events, for example at formal concerts, presentations, shows, etc. when the Mayor/Deputy Mayor should be announced into a room and all guests should remain standing until the mayoral party sits down. Please contact the Civic and Mayoral Officer for clarification if necessary.
    At certain engagements, for example at formal concerts, presentations, shows, etc. time should always be allowed for the mayoral party’s departure. An announcement may be necessary so others at the event are aware. This is to prevent any unnecessary queues/crowding, etc. which may delay the
    Mayor/Deputy Mayor attending a following engagement. Similarly, unnecessary queues/crowding, etc. must also be avoided during functions, for example at intervals or when buffets or other refreshments are served. Again, an announcement may be necessary (please contact the Civic and Mayoral Officer for clarification). When a buffet is being provided at an event, again to avoid unnecessary queues/crowding, etc. it is strongly suggested that the Mayor/Deputy Mayor ‘opens’ the buffet.
  8. At a formal event the seat reserved for the Mayor/Deputy Mayor should be on the immediate right and for the Mayoress/Consort or Deputy Mayoress/Consort on the immediate left of the person presiding, and in the middle of the front row at events such as concerts, shows, etc.
  9. The Mayor/Deputy Mayor should always arrive last at engagements held in North East Lincolnshire so please time events correctly.
  10. In accordance with the Local Government Act 1972, the Mayor (as first citizen) shall have precedence in the Borough of North East Lincolnshire on all occasions except when a Royal or a representative of the Queen is present.
  11. It should be remembered that the Mayor is the first citizen of North East Lincolnshire and the Deputy Mayor, when representing the Mayor, acts in a similar capacity.
  12. It should be remembered that the position of Mayor is non-political and should not give prominence to any one party political group, and should always be respected as such, i.e. please do not cause embarrassment at functions by approaching the Mayor to discuss political topics or to lobby the Mayor – the Mayor’s role is purely ceremonial. Issues of concern should be referred to the Council or your Ward Councillor.

Since May 2011, the union flag (subject to availability) has been flown on a daily basis at Grimsby and Cleethorpes Town Halls – prior to this, we followed the guidance of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

Other occasions when flags are flown include Merchant Navy day (red ensign), heritage open days and other civic occasions the borough flags for the former Boroughs of Great Grimsby and Cleethorpes and the Armed Forces flag during Armed Forces week.

Grimsby Borough Chains

The mayoral gold chain dates from April 1849 and was purchased by the Mayor, Alderman and Burgesses of Great Grimsby to commemorate the laying of the first stone of the New Dock at Great Grimsby by his Royal Highness Prince Albert on 19 April 1849.

In 1854 a pendant was added it bears a picture of the Hydraulic Tower of Great Grimsby with steamships in front and a shield of the Borough Coat of Arms below. On the Back is and inscription “In commemoration of the visit to the Borough of her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, His Highness Prince Albert, the Prince of Wales and other Members of the Royal Family on 14 October 1854. Robert Keetley Esq, Mayor”

The Mayoress or Consort Chain is a smaller and lighter reproduction of the Mayoral Chain; it was given to the Town by a former Mayor (Alderman T C Moss JP) and bears the inscriptions “County Borough of Grimsby. Presented by Alderman T C Moss JP, in memory of his wife, Mayoress of Grimsby 1915/16″.

Grimsby Borough Maces

Large Mace

Made of gilt silver approximately 392 years old, it was renewed in 1645 by Mayor J. Moore and renewed again on 22 July, 1879 by Henry Veal, Mayor. During Mr. Veal’s Mayoral year the Prince and Princess of Wales opened the Union Dock and unveiled the statue of late Prince Consort.

Small Mace

Solid Silver approximately 347 years old, this mace is one of the few left in the country which preserves the original shape and character of the Mace from the days when it was used as a weapon.

Third Mace

Solid Silver approximately 407 years old James 1 circa 1610.

Cleethorpes Borough Chains

Mayoral Chain and Badge date from 1936 and were given to the Borough by Councillor Houghton (Deputy Mayor 1936) the names of previous Mayor’s from the Charter Mayor Sir George Moody 1936 to C J Shaw 1951 are inscribed on the Chain.

The Mayoress/Consort Chain was also given to the Borough by Councillor Houghton.

Cleethorpes Borough Mace

The mace, presented in 1936, is made in hall-marked silver richly gilt.  It is 4ft. 4ins. long, surmounted by the Royal Crown with the Royal Arms on the cushion. The Head of the mace is divided into four panels, by carved and chased straps, and on the front panel are the Arms of Cleethorpes enamelled in full heraldic colouring and on the reverse panel a carved Royal Cypher.  The remaining 2 panels are ornamented with York Roses. The stem is baluster in form and ornamented with chased rose ornament. The Arms of the Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge are engraved at the lower end and also the inscription.

List of Mayors since 1996

  • Len Taylor 1996/97
  • Terry Walker 1997/98
  • Chris Dixon 1998/99
  • George Mitchell 1999/2000
  • Jane Hyldon-King 2000/01
  • Norma Lincoln 2001/02
  • Ken Townsend 2002/03
  • Peter Barker 2003/04
  • Margaret Solomon 2004/05
  • Melanie Dickerson 2005/06
  • Margaret Thompson 2006/07
  • Stewart Swinburn 2007/08
  • Colin Eastwell 2008/09
  • John Colebrook 2009/10
  • Norma Lincoln 2010/11
  • Susan Pickett 2011/12
  • Mike Burton 2012/13
  • Peggy Elliott 2013/14
  • Alex Baxter 2014/15
  • Cliff Barber 2015/16
  • Christina A McGilligan-Fell 2016/17
  • Ron Shepherd 2017/18
  • Hazel Chase 2018/19
  • Terry Walker 2019/21
  • David Hasthorpe 2021/22
  • Steve Beasant 2022/23

Mayor visit invite form

Cllr Ian Lindley

Grimsby Town Hall

Civic reception costs (XLS, 10KB) – Civic reception costs since 2016

GOV.UK – Designated days for union flag flying

Contact details

Civic and Mayoral Officer, Grimsby Town Hall, Town Hall Square, Grimsby, DN31 1HX


Telephone: 01472 324101

Opening times: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm except bank holidays