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Healing Parish Council

Healing Parish Council has been designated as a ‘power of wellbeing council’.

Parish Clerk

Mrs K J Peers.

Please direct all correspondence to the parish clerk.

Parish Councillors

Councillor Paul Fieldgate (Chair)

6 Lucas Court, Healing, North East Lincolnshire, DN41 7SB

Cllr Fieldgate – Register of Interest (PDF, 20KB)

Councillor Ashley Wright (Vice Chair)

12 Nicholson Road, Healing, Grimsby, DN41 7RX

Councillor Wright – Register of Interests (PDF, 124KB)

Councillor Indy Nijjar

1 Buddleia Close, Healing, Grimsby, DN41 7JH

Councillor Nijjar – Register of Interests (PDF, 124KB)

Councillor Melanie Dickerson

55 The Avenue, Healing, DN41 7NA

Cllr Dickerson – Register of Interest (PDF, 123KB)

Councillor Neil Cass

53 Wisteria Drive, Healing DN41 7JS

Cllr Neil Cass – Register of Interest (PDF, 60KB)

Councillor Carol Hawkins

12 Oak Road, Healing DN41 7RN

Cllr Carol Hawkins – Register of Interest (PDF, 59KB)

Councillor David Spreadborough

20 B Poplar Road, Healing DN41 7RD

Cllr David Spreadborough – Register of Interest (PDF, 58KB)


There are currently two vacancies for a parish Councillor for Healing Parish Council. Please contact the parish clerk if you wish to become a parish Councillor.

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Contact details

Kathy Peers, 1 Beach View Court, Norfolk Lane, Cleethorpes, DN35 8BT


Telephone: 01472 280290