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An Intergenerational Project – Research into growing up in coastal communities Results and Findings

9:15 am, Friday, 2nd December 2022 - 2 years ago

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An Intergenerational Project: Research into growing up in coastal communities

Last week marked the beginning of the end of our youth-led research project which investigated intergenerational perspectives on growing up in a coastal community both now and in the past, partnered with University College London (UCL). The research group consisted of young researchers from our local area, council staff members to facilitate and UCL academics. The project, which has spanned the entirety of 2022 consisted of multiple focus groups, walking interviews and workshops to gather the views of people both young and old to get the most rounded view possible of what it has been like to grow up in North East Lincolnshire.

The young research team last week prepared and delivered a presentation to an audience consisting of participants, people who helped with the research, local decision-makers such as Cabinet members and national support from UCL and the University of Lincoln. A number of interesting findings have since emerged from the research, including: the reality of feeling unsafe in certain spaces in our area, the lack of things to do in the own, the economic decline of the area and educational and employment opportunities for young people and how these shape aspirations for the future, both on an individual level and for the local community. The study also uncovered the difference in job opportunities now compared to the 1950s and 1960s where many older participants in the study explained, “You could lead a job on a Friday and start a new one on the Monday.”

As a result of the research, recommendations have been put in place in terms of looking at what needs to change for young people in North East Lincolnshire. Some of which includes the need for investment in physical infrastructure, investment in education and employment, more cultural venues and more investment in public spaces. There will now be a phase three of the project coming to our area late Spring/early Summer next year to build on these findings – stay tuned to the Your Voice webpage to keep up to date with this venture.

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