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Being ‘Loyal to Local’ has never been more important

9:25 am, Tuesday, 16th June 2020 - 4 years ago


The businesses that make up our local high streets, offices, business parks and industrial sites, along with the thousands of self-employed traders, and entrepreneurs across the area are essential to the future of our towns and villages. As slowly but surely the country starts to ‘unlock’ it has never been more important to recognise the importance of supporting local business.

They account for over 90% of the employment in this area, create choice for our community, make our high streets unique, are 100% invested in the area, spend money with other local businesses and add so much more to the wellbeing of the Northern Lincolnshire community.

That is why North East Lincolnshire Council and the areas leading Business Support organisation E-Factor Group have joined forces to send out a very simple request… be Loyal to Local … where your spend matters!

Not because of simple sentiment, but because whenever you spend £1 with a local business, that business spends a lot of it again locally, either through the employment of local people or with another local business, who in in turn spend locally rather than sending it out of the area. In fact, every £1 spent locally creates £4 for the local economy!

Mark Webb Managing Director of E-Factor Ltd said: “The future prosperity of this area will really depend on how motivated the community are to support local businesses. If all adults (aged 18 to 85 years) spent £1 per day with a local business this would mean £44 million into our economy! This would help to create more jobs, provide more variety. Improve our high streets, encourage others to start up a business, and help build an even better future for this area. Being Loyal to Local benefits everyone!”

John Fenty Cabinet member for the economy at NELC supports the initiative wholeheartedly. “In addition to asking the community to be Loyal to Local we also encourage all businesses and organisations in the borough to see how they could increase the number of local suppliers they use; the impact of that would be very significant.”

If you have a local business and want to support this initiative and also receive support in opening safely and successfully, visit or check out LoyalToLocalNEL on social media.

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