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Pet cremations

Treasured Memories Pet Crematorium

Located next to Grimsby Crematorium, the Treasured Memories Pet Crematorium offers people the opportunity to give their pets a dignified funeral.

The small chapel can accommodate gatherings of up to 16 people and has the same systems as the main chapel, including music, web casting and visual tributes.

Each pet is cremated individually and owners receive a certificate of cremation along with the ashes of their pet.

Families have the option to keep the ashes, scatter them or bury them in the Treasured Memories Woodlands Cemetery. Pet owners can also purchase keepsake urns.

Cremating a pet costs in the range of £58 for a small pet such as a rabbit to £159 for a large dog.

Anyone who would like to use the service can book an appointment by calling the bereavement services team on 01472 324869.