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Family history resources

Genealogy, or Family History as it is more commonly known, has become an extremely popular past time. Researchers use a process known as “regression”, which simply means you start with the most recent events and then work backwards.

Generally, the family historian may use birth and marriage certificates to help the regression process. Death certificates can sometimes be used, especially for background information, but tend not to be of much use in the regression process.

The registration of births, deaths and marriages in England and Wales started on 1 July 1837, and records of these events are held from that date to the present day. England and Wales is divided into separate registration districts, each one of which holds only those records of events for their individual district.

There are lots of resources available to help in your research as in recent years genealogy has become a popular past time. Television programmes have added to the level of interest and further details can be found on their various web sites – such as the BBC.

Grimsby Central Library (reference section) have a wealth of information available to you, including the general register offices indexes; indexes which give information to all births, deaths and marriage in England and Wales from 1 July 1837 up to 2005. You can carry out most of your research there but you are advised to contact the Library by telephone as you may need to book to use the facilities. Telephone: 01472 323603 / 323635.

Events which took place elsewhere, such as Scotland, Northern Ireland and Eire please see related links below for further information.

Please note: it is important to remember that life events indexed by general register office are in no way cross referenced to the records held at Grimsby register office. The registration district number 7A relates to all of Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Rutland. Due to volume of work we are unable to assist with any research but will gladly search for records on exact information given.