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The way we engage with you on major highways projects has changed. Many of our intentions for future projects are published in our Highways Strategy (PDF) or Infrastructure Delivery Plan (PDF). The projects published in these documents are intended to go ahead at some point in the future but will be subject to us securing grant funding for any upgrades.

We are taking comments and suggestions for projects that have not yet made it to the drawing board to give you the earliest opportunity to have your say. It is possible that your comments may not be used if a project never goes ahead or the opportunity to bid does not arise.

Any project that has grant funding approved will also go through a formal consultation process on the draft design. The process for these schemes is short, straightforward to follow and available here: Major Projects Engagement Process (PDF)

It also details how elected members are involved in the process.

You can submit your pre-bid comments here: Potential Major Highways Projects – comments form.

You can also read a copy of our Privacy Notice (PDF)

We want North East Lincolnshire to be a place where people thrive, businesses succeed and visitors are welcome. To achieve this, we align the Council budget to support the delivery of our main priorities:

  • Stronger economy – Growing a higher value business economy, creating good quality jobs and celebrating our place
  • Stronger communities – Reducing inequalities, growing skill levels, enabling a good quality of life and supporting families throughout their lives.

Alongside this, we want to be a smart council, delivering the best services we can to the communities that need them.

Local authorities are funded through two streams: Revenue and Capital. Revenue funding is the money local councils get from central government (e.g the Revenue Support Grant, which is reducing significantly) and which we can raise through Council Tax and Business Rates- this money pays for the day to day operation of local services. Capital funding is money that typically we have bid for from central government and other pots of funding for longer term schemes such as the Town Deal and Cleethorpes Regeneration Programme. In addition the Council has the ability to borrow to help finance such projects.

Since 2010, we’ve had to reduce our overall budget by more than 35% (or £31.8m in real terms). These cuts in central Government funding, alongside increasing demands on Council services, means we have had to find different ways to deliver our services and find new ways of funding what we do. Our challenge is to try and balance the delivery of services that affect everyone – along with delivering services that only affect a few.

Issues like domestic abuse, homelessness, care in old age, insecure jobs, low pay and keeping vulnerable children safe are all real and happening right now in North East Lincolnshire, but they only affect a few people directly. Other issues, such as bins, litter and roads affect nearly everyone who lives and works here.

We want to know what you think our priorities should be for the next year.

We want to hear from you about:

  • The services you need the most
  • What you want the Council to protect now and in the future
  • Ideas or comments about how the financial pressure on services should be handled

This survey asks you to prioritise the services that are most important to you. The aim is to take account of residents’ genuine preferences and concerns rather than being skewed by respondents answering that money should only be put into services that they use. This consultation is designed to be overarching based on overall resource allocation while further consultation about specific proposals will take place when necessary.

We need to be careful to make sure that we don’t let any key groups of people down in North East Lincolnshire.  We intend to make sure that our residents’ needs are met by using other information we have to supplement the results of this consultation alongside meeting our statutory obligations.

How else can we all do our bit?

Let’s talk about it – please complete our short questionnaire asking for your views on what’s important to you, where we spend our funding, how we help provide services and how we might do things differently. If you want more details, read our relevant Council meetings and reports on our budget for 2018/19.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns please contact the communications team on 01472 325960, email and thank you for your contribution to the area’s future.

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