North East Lincolnshire Council

Cleethorpes Day Chalets

North East Lincolnshire Council (the ‘Council’) have completed a review of the portfolio and are now seeking to dispose of those chalets and bases which it owns that are not subject to existing leases.

The Council are seeking to dispose of the following (as marked on the enclosed plan for reference) by way of leases:

  • Chalet 16 (base only)
  • Chalet 28 (base only)
  • Chalet 57 (base only)
  • Chalet 64
  • Chalet 65

The Expression of Interest form is available on this page and you may wish to submit an offer for one or more of the chalets and/or bases. In submitting your offer please be aware of the following:

  • The price offered should be by way of a single premium payment or an annual rent.
  • It is expected that a detailed specification of the renovation or construction of the chalets is provided and attention should be given to any planning restrictions or other statutory requirements that may be in place and permissions required. You will be responsible for making your own enquiries in this regard.
  • The details of the lease is yet to be finalised, however there will be an expectation that either renovation or construction is completed within a reasonable timeframe and as such you should identify this within your offer. The Council may request that an agreement to lease is entered into with a final lease offered on completion of works.

Please note that the Council are also open to offers from charity or community groups. If you are submitting an offer in this regard then it will be necessary to understand the social, economic and environmental benefits of all offers and how any community benefit would be translated in to a monetary value, if applicable. Please therefore provide as much detail.

Due to the assumed internal condition of the existing Chalets, internal viewing will not be possible. Purchasers are advised to take their own view on the external repair and where appropriate seek professional advice. The Chalets are to be taken on a no liability basis and any offers received should be on the basis that the Chalets may be in disrepair and that no testing of services or similar has been undertaken. The Council accept no responsibility for the condition of the Chalets. We will not consider revised offers following more thorough inspection of the Chalets.

We are obliged to highlight that the Council are not committed to accept the highest, or indeed any offer. We advise that any offer would also be subject to formal approval through the Council’s due process. We therefore anticipate that a in principle decision may not be communicated until the end of November 2017 (previously October 2017).

We have extended the submission of offers which are to be received by 3pm on 13 October 2017 (previously 1 September 2017). Any offers received after this time will not be considered. If you are in any doubts regarding the above or the process it is strongly suggested you seek your own independent professional advice.

Chalet #9 – Partnership with VANEL

Chalet #9 is leased to VANEL as part of a partnership with the Council and member organisation, Capacity Buildings Ltd.  The project transformed one of the Council owned and disused beach hut into a place that can be enjoyed by the community. The refurbishment comes following a £1,500 donation from the Tribune Trust. Beach hut #9 officially opened on 16 September 2016, and has been refurbished for the use of disadvantaged people, schools, community groups and organisations, and is free to use.

Visit Beach Hut #9 for more information about VANEL’s chalet.

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