North East Lincolnshire Council

Cleethorpes Day Chalets

In Cleethorpes we have 52 brick chalet “huts” and 8 concrete bases where chalets have been removed. 52 of these chalets and bases are held on 60 year leases which expire in 2041. The remaining three chalets and three bases are held by us and are not subject to any third party arrangements.

On 20 July 2017 we invited expressions of interest to lease the chalets and bases we hold, with a closing deadline of 13 November 2017. During this time we wrote letters to current tenants and known interested parties, as well as being advertising on our website, in the Grimsby Telegraph and in the Yorkshire Post. Expressions of interests were received and we are now negotiating with the successful bidders. The aim of this is to rejuvenate those existing day chalets to their former glory and build new ones in the same style as the original structures.

Chalets held by us

  • Chalet 16 (base only)
  • Chalet 28 (base only)
  • Chalet 57 (base only)
  • Chalet 64
  • Chalet 65

Chalet #9 – Partnership with VANEL

Chalet #9 is leased to VANEL as part of a partnership with us and member organisation, Capacity Buildings Ltd. The project transformed one of our disused beach huts into a place that can be enjoyed by the community. The refurbishment comes following a £1,500 donation from the Tribune Trust. Beach hut #9 officially opened on 16 September 2016, and has been refurbished for the use of disadvantaged people, schools, community groups and organisations, and is free to use.

Visit Beach Hut #9 for more information about VANEL’s chalet.

There are currently no chalets available to lease from the Council. Those held by private individuals, by way of leases, would be advertised by those individuals if proposed for sale.

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