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Easter holiday planning? Don’t forget to add Covid-19 vaccination to the list!

10:14 am, Tuesday, 25th January 2022 - 2 years ago


Lots of people are planning a holiday abroad this year, but did you know, it takes up to 10 weeks for your Covid-19 vaccination journey for you to be considered as “fully vaccinated”.

There is a minimum of 8 weeks gap between your first and second vaccines, and then a recommended 2-week gap from the second vaccine to give you the best protection.

This means that if you’re planning on going abroad for Easter this year, you need to have started your vaccination journey in the next week, or it’s possible you may be considered to be “unvaccinated” and be subject to quarantine arrangements. is the place to find all the information about different countries’ entry requirements.

“Did you know, for example, if you’re wanting a weekend away in Spain to stroll on the beach, you currently have to have both of your vaccines completed, with 14 days since vaccine 2 to be considered “fully vaccinated”. Or if you fancy a break in Italy, from 1 February, you need to have had a vaccine (or booster) within the previous 6 months to be considered as “fully vaccinated”. [information correct as of 25 Jan 2022].”

It’s been two years since the first cases of Covid-19 were discovered in England and since then, we’ve all had periods of time where Covid has kept us apart from our friends and family. Since the rollout of the vaccination programme, we’re able to do more of the things we love with the people we love and that’s why we must keep going.

“By now, most people will have seen that getting two Covid-19 vaccinations does not give us enough protection against the Omicron variant, especially if it is more than three months since the second dose. That’s why we’re urging people to come forward and get their booster” explains Dr Ekta Elston, Local GP and Medical Director of North East Lincolnshire CCG.

“We also want to remind people that it’s not too late to get a first and second dose of the vaccine if they’ve not already had theirs.  A recent first or second dose will offer significant protection and help to prevent people becoming seriously unwell with covid”

There must be 8 weeks between first and second doses) and booster vaccinations for 18s and over (there must be 3 months since the second dose before a booster vaccination can be administered). If you have had Covid-19 there must be a gap of 28 days before any vaccinations can be given.

The vaccination clinics available across North East Lincolnshire can be found on the CCG website:

Geoff Barnes, Acting Director of Public Health, North East Lincolnshire Council added: “We encourage anyone having doubts about getting the vaccination or anyone who hasn’t got around to having theirs yet to please think again and help us keep the virus at bay.”

You can check all current health requirements for each country through Each country page may also lead to individual country requirements on their own websites.

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