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From the population to the number of visitors to Cleethorpes: here are the numbers that make up North East Lincolnshire

10:10 am, Wednesday, 13th March 2024 - 2 weeks ago


Have you ever wondered how many people live in your area? Or looked at a packed out prom and thought how many people visit a year? Maybe you want to know how many men and women there are?

For any questions like this, the answers can be found in the State of the Borough Summary. Detailing every thing about North East Lincolnshire, the findings can tell you almost anything you want to know about where you live.

The summary comes as part of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), a statutory requirement detailing a range of aspects about life in a certain area. The aim is to use the data as a way of improving health and wellbeing among residents with North East Lincolnshire’s approach being built around “Stronger economy, Stronger communities”.

The State of the Borough looks at information relating to a number of key topics:

  • Understanding our Population
  • Learning and Skills
  • Investing in our Future
  • Vitality and Health
  • Economic recovery and Growth
  • Sustainable and Safe

According to the 2021 census, there were 156,972 residents in North East Lincolnshire, an almost 2% decrease from the 2011 census figures. These people lived in nearly 70,000 households with over a fifth aged over 65.

On the other end of the spectrum, there were 33,000 people aged 0-17 (2021 census) with 24,310 recorded as being in education according to the 2023 school census.

Some of these students are part of those above the national average (67.2%) in terms of being school ready at the end of reception (68.8%).

However, the summary also looks at who comes to visit the area. In 2022, there were 8.59 million visits to Cleethorpes with over 600,000 people choosing to spend five days or more here.

All the ice creams and games of mini golf during the Summer equated to over £636 million being spent in the resort that year, supporting 2,600 full time jobs.

However, people aren’t just visiting Cleethorpes. In June 2023, 338,700 people visited Grimsby Town Centre.

In terms of employment, the borough has 94,800 people of working age with 66.7% of them in full-time jobs. Overall, 52% of residents were proud to be living in North East Lincolnshire with 53% feeling as though it was a safe place to live.

For statistics like this and other interesting facts about North East Lincolnshire, see the summary for yourself here.

To help further this information, the Council are looking for your input as part of the Our Place, Our Future survey. They want to know the activities people do and the services they use across the borough.

The aim is to use the information to develop the area and improve what is most important to the residents. To have your say, click here. The survey is open until Thursday, 14 March.

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