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Open consultations

North East Lincolnshire Council’s support for people across the borough will remain a top focus in the next financial year.

The annual budget consultation is part of the business planning process, and we would like for you to have your say and tell us:

  • What services are the most important to you.
  • What you think the Council should protect now and in the future.
  • Share with us any ideas about how the financial pressures on services should be handled.

Have your say on the Budget 2024 consultation.

This consultation will close on the 18 January 2024.

People living and working in North East Lincolnshire are being asked to have their say on an historic Greater Lincolnshire Devolution Proposal.

A new Mayoral Combined County Authority, (MCCA), is being proposed by the three lead councils in the area – North East Lincolnshire Council, North Lincolnshire Council (both unitary authorities) and Lincolnshire County Council. All three have voted to accept the proposed deal.

Now it’s over to the borough’s residents and others across the Greater Lincolnshire area, to have their say. It is important that as many of those 1.1 million people as possible understand what devolution means and how it could impact upon their lives, those of their children and families, and their businesses or organisations.

To read more about the deal visit

The consultation can be completed via the following link;

If you’d like help to complete the survey, have any questions or need it in a different format, please contact [email protected] or 01522 555222.

If you’re requesting a paper copy of the survey, don’t forget to include your name and postal address in the email.

Closing date Monday 29 January 2024.

North East Lincolnshire Council and its delivery partner, EQUANS, are seeking feedback from concessionary fares pass holders about their bus journeys.

Data suggests that those with a concessionary fares pass have not been using buses after covid as these bus passenger numbers have dropped significantly and not recovered to pre-pandemic levels.

If you are a concessionary fares pass holder or believe you are entitled to a pass but are unlikely to use it, then we want to know what will encourage you to travel by bus.

Your feedback will be discussed with local bus operators at the Enhanced Bus Quality Partnership, and where possible improvements will be made to make you feel better about travelling on the bus.

Take part in the Concessionary Fares survey. Any feedback received will be anonymous.

The way we engage with you on major highways projects has changed. Many of our intentions for future projects are published in our Highways Strategy or Infrastructure Delivery Plan. We are currently updating these documents and will be available in the near future. The projects published in these documents are intended to go ahead at some point in the future but will be subject to us securing grant funding for any upgrades.

We are taking comments and suggestions for projects that have not yet made it to the drawing board to give you the earliest opportunity to have your say. It is possible that your comments may not be used if a project never goes ahead or the opportunity to bid does not arise.

Any project that has grant funding approved will also go through a formal consultation process on the draft design. The process for these schemes is short, straightforward to follow and available here: Major Projects Engagement Process (PDF)

It also details how elected members are involved in the process.

You can submit your pre-bid comments on our Highways Major Projects Survey.

The Council is considering a landlord and tenant friendly Selective Licensing Scheme within parts of the East and West Marsh areas.

It is intended to tackle the issues of crime, anti-social behaviour and poor housing conditions. We are consulting with residents of the area, landlords and members of the public so this is an opportunity for you to influence how the scheme will be developed and carried out. Your views will be considered and will help to shape the decisions made about the scheme.

We would like to know about the issues you have experienced in these areas, what you think of the proposal as well as the areas suggested for Selective Licensing.

Changes made to the business case

We have made some minor amendments to the selective licensing business case and have extended the consultation. If you have already submitted a response you can make new representations based on these amendments to [email protected].

You can find details of these changes within the business case.

Have your say

To have your say complete our survey:

Further information

For further information please read our summary and FAQs:

Drop in sessions

In the interest of public safety, we are cancelling all future drop in sessions.  Any queries can be raised direct with Jacqui Wells on 01472 324775 or email direct on [email protected].

This consultation has been extended.

Imperial College London is investigating the prevalence of social isolation and loneliness in the general population, including NHS patients & staff. You can choose to take part by completing a brief anonymous survey which is available in several languages.

You can access the survey on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer. The short survey is available in several languages and can be accessed on Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management or by scanning the QR code.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

This is a consultation with young people to understand how safe you feel in public spaces, at school or travelling.

We hope to understand where young people feel safer, what time of day they feel less safe and concerns around weapons, particularly knives.

We will combine the from this survey with other crime data and that will give us a better understanding of issues young people face living in North East Lincolnshire and where we need to focus our efforts in order to keep them safe.

This is your opportunity to make a difference to the places you live, travel and socialise in. This consultation is open from 28 September 2023 until 4 January 2024.

If you need to speak to someone to give your views or to ask any questions you can send an email to [email protected].

Have your say in the Serious Violence Survey for Young People.

The Serious Violence Duty commenced on 31 January 2023, requiring specified authorities to work better together to share information, collaborate and plan to prevent and reduce serious violence within their local communities. This consultation looks at direct experience you and your family may have had as well as issues affecting your community.

The Serious Violence duty states that specified authorities should include a focus on public space youth violence and areas of criminality where serious violence or its threat is inherent.

This is your opportunity to make a difference to the places you live, travel and socialise in. This consultation is open from 28 September 2023 until 4 January 2024.

If you need to speak to someone to give your views or to ask any questions you can send an email to [email protected].

Have your say in the Serious Violence Survey for Adults.

NHS Humber and North Yorkshire ICB is a statutory organisation accountable for NHS spend and performance for 1.7million people. The ICB is a core member of the Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership, alongside NHS providers, local councils, health and care providers and voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations.

The Health and Care Partnership is one of 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) which cover England to meet health and care needs across an area, coordinate services and plan in a way that improves population health and reduces inequalities between different groups. The Partnership was first established in early 2016 and since then partners have working together to look for ways to join up health and care services and to make them work better for our local people.

One of the requirements for NHS Integrated Care Boards is to produce a searchable organogram to show the structure within the ICB.

NHS Humber and North Yorkshire ICB organogram

*** Proposed changes to some hospital services in Northern Lincolnshire: public consultation launched 25 September 2023 ***

A public consultation is now underway in northern Lincolnshire with people invited to share their thoughts on a proposed change to the way some services are provided at Scunthorpe General Hospital and Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby. The 14-week consultation is being led by NHS Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) and runs until 5 January 2024.

You can visit the Better Hospitals Humber consultation website to find out more about the proposal, full details of the consultation events and provide your feedback.

Contact details

Tel: 03033 306666

Email: [email protected]

What’s most important to you about nature in Greater Lincs?

Tell us how you think it should be protected and enhanced in the future.

Share your thoughts at Lets Talk Lincolnshire.

The initial engagement for the strategy will end on 11 December 2023. A formal consultation of a draft Local Nature Recovery Strategy will take place in early 2024.

Contact details

Consultation, Municipal Offices, Town Hall Square, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN31 1HU

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01472 313131

Opening times: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, except bank holidays