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Go easy this Halloween – top tips for staying safe this spooky season

1:44 pm, Friday, 29th October 2021 - 11 months ago

Children and families

Halloween is great fun and can see local youngsters bagging lots of tasty treats, but there are lots of dangers too. Here are some top tips to getting the most out of this year’s All Hallows Eve.

Choose your costumes carefully

Everyone wants the creepiest, coolest costume, but safety is important. Take note of the advice from Trading Standards when picking out your costume.

Scare safely

Being seen probably isn’t a priority for monsters and creatures that lurk in the shadows, but for children who are out trick or treating, it’s important to be visible to motorists and other pedestrians.

Take care when crossing busy roads, and try to wear something that is bright or reflective so drivers can spot you from a distance.

Go easy when scaring people

Lots of people have spent the last year at home to avoid catching coronavirus, so they might not be used to frightening costumes and groups of people lurking about in the street.

Try to give people space when passing them in the street. If you see any signs asking you not to trick or treat, please be respectful and leave those alone.

Scare your own neighbourhood, not someone else’s

Try to stick to streets that you’re familiar with so you and your children don’t get lost. Keep your children close to you at all times and warn them not to run off ahead and not to enter other people’s houses or go off with strangers.

Have fun

Halloween is all about having fun, so stay safe and enjoy Halloween!

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