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Public health

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The Public Health team

The aim of the core public health team is to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of the population of North East Lincolnshire and to reduce health inequalities across the borough.

We are responsible for:

  • supporting the population of North East Lincolnshire, so that they can protect and improve their own health
  • preparing for and responding to public health incidents and emergencies
  • researching, collecting and analysing data to improve our understanding of the health needs of North East Lincolnshire and identifying solutions to local public health issues/challenges
  • commissioning services and providers (through the allocation of the public health grant) to deliver tier 1 and tier 2 preventative and early intervention services that meet the specific needs of our local population
  • ensuring that the public health grant is spent responsibly and that it is meeting the health needs of the borough and the priorities of Public Health England (as measured through the Public Health Outcomes Framework)
  • developing, informing and supporting the wider public health workforce
  • sharing information and expertise across the local authority and with partners, other local authorities and local industries to help them identify the impact they have on the health of North East Lincolnshire’s population and help them to make improvements
  • encouraging discussions, advising partners and supporting action by Public Health England and the NHS
  • regularly reporting on the health of the North East Lincolnshire population so that everyone understands the local issues and challenges

The core public health team is a small commissioning team based at the Municipal Offices, Town Hall Square, Grimsby, led by the Director of Public Health (Stephen Pintus). Achievement of the public health outcomes however depends on the wider public health network. The wider network consists of stakeholders covering a variety of services and organisation all of whom contribute to all four domains within the public health outcomes framework.

Public Health bulletins

Our weekly bulletin keeps you up to date with the latest goings on in health and wellbeing. It covers starting and developing well, living well, ageing well and healthy places. To read our bulletins go to our news area.

State of the Borough

The State of the Borough report is the main strategic document that should be used to guide the development of priorities for North East Lincolnshire.

The report is themed around four sections looking at the place and the people across the lifecourse and includes narrative summaries for each of our five outcomes framework reports:

  • all People in North East Lincolnshire enjoy & benefit from a strong economy
  • all people in North East Lincolnshire feel safe and are safe (incorporating the JSIA)
  • all people in North East Lincolnshire enjoy good health and wellbeing
  • all people in North East Lincolnshire live in sustainable communities
  • all people in North East Lincolnshire fulfil their potential through skills and learning

Read the outcome reports and full State of the Borough on the Nelincs data observatory .

Public Health needs assessments

All of our needs assessments can be found on the Nelincs data observatory .

The needs assessments on the JSNA page of the data observatory include:

  • Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JNSA) and Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWS)
  • Strategic Assessments and Survey Reports
  • Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment
  • Burden of Disease in Northern Lincolnshire and its future impact on the local health and social care economy

Resilience and Relationships Framework

The Resilience and Relationships Framework came from research into teenage pregnancy and is about educating and supporting young people to understand and create relationships that are positive and safe, and make people feel good in themselves and about themselves.

A range of partners in North East Lincolnshire are working together to reduce teenage pregnancy and to raise aspiration in young people in line with the principles of the 0-19 programme. Professionals and practitioners can find further information on the framework and the services available on the SaferNEL  website.