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Business and community projects

Our Carbon Roadmap and Natural Assets plan detail how we will reduce our carbon emissions, help the borough reduce its carbon emissions and improve the area’s natural environment.

We will use our strengths as an organisation to enable and inspire others, to guide where our resources are best placed to have the maximum impact.

Our ambition is to drive change and encourage all stakeholders in our area to work together in achieving the 2050 net zero carbon area target.

At the council, we are keen to find out more about the different business and community projects happening in our area. Please get in touch with us using the contact details on this page.

Here are some examples of business and community projects working to achieve this in our area.


Phillips 66 operates the Immingham Combined Heat and Power plant, one of the greenest power stations in the world generating 730 MW of electricity.

It produces electricity and creates steam, which is used by the nearby Humber and Lindsey refineries. The plant, together with the Humber refinery, is part of an ultra-low-carbon integrated energy hub.

The Phillips 66 Humber Refinery is a major player behind Humber Zero, a project that combines carbon capture and storage technology with hydrogen production, to decarbonize the Immingham industrial cluster.

Phillips 66 and VPI-Immingham are investing a combined £12.5 million to advance the project, with Innovate UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund matching the amount.

Find out more about the Carbon Capture project at Immingham.

Proximity to the UK’s largest port complex, Europe’s food town and the agricultural hinterland of Lincolnshire, makes the area extremely attractive for green energy facilities.

Companies involved in bioenergy and biomass projects in the area include:

We encouraged residents to join the community switch scheme to help them benefit from lower fuel bills.

The Big Community Switch was a national scheme supported locally by North East Lincolnshire Council, in partnership with EQUANS and iChoosr Ltd, that looked to save people money on their energy bills.

More than 35,000 households registered with their council across the country to join forces to get better deals from energy suppliers. Since the spring 2021 auction, which was held in May, more than £2.5m has been saved by households that have switched supplier.

Find out about the Big Community Switch.

The council in partnership with EQUANS gives free and impartial advice to residents on ways of reducing fuel bills and advising on schemes available for heating and insulation for your home. Increasing your energy efficiency at home can be easier than you think. There are plenty of ways to save energy that won’t affect your lifestyle.

A renewable energy register has been created to showcase the installed capacity (kW) of community, residential, commercial, and industrial installations of renewable technology within North East Lincolnshire.

The register is broken down by postcode and shows both the installed technology type and capacity for each separate location, including overall installed capacity.

Analysis indicates that most of the installed capacity from renewables in North East Lincolnshire is from PV (solar) installations for domestic and commercial use, with most installations occurring in DN37.

Installed capacity reached a peak in 2014 with the following years witness to a decline, this may be in relation to the changes in feed-in tariffs (FiT) by the UK government which saw new tariff rates and rules at the beginning of 2016.

View the Renewable Energy Register (PDF, 350KB)

One Bag – Big Difference: North East Lincolnshire Council supported residents who pledged to pick one bag of litter for charity’s Great British Spring Clean campaign by loaning out equipment and collecting rubbish bags.

As part of the Great British Spring Clean 2022, Pyewipe RiverCare, a new community-led volunteer group supported by Keep Britain Tidy and Anglian Water, were out in full force in the afternoon of Friday 8 April 2022, clearing plastic pollution from the banks of the Humber Estuary.

RiverCare Programme Officer, Cate Holborn, said: “Alongside North East Lincolnshire Council, Humber Nature Partnership, and local businesses, we have formed Pyewipe RiverCare to look after the Humber Estuary, a unique and important habitat.”

“River cleans like the one for the Great British Spring Clean will help to improve the area for people and for wildlife. It’s also great fun and a good way to meet new people who share a concern for the local environment.”

Mass campaign The 2022 mass campaign was from 25 March to 10 April, and called on families, neighbours, friends, and colleagues to join forces and pledge to pick a bag of litter from nearby streets, beauty spots and beaches to protect our vibrant communities and precious wildlife habitats.

Grounds Force, the North East Lincolnshire Council run ecology volunteer group, comprises of local people with an interest in their local, natural environment. Projects undertaken up to now include invasive species (IAS) management in our woodlands; native bulb planting; SSSI sand dune management; and IAS management of Local Geological Site, Kingston Gardens. In addition to Grounds Force, the council have a regular group of community volunteers who monitor and record our Special Protected Area (SPA) bird species, as well as individuals who undertake surveys including reptile and amphibian, and protected species surveys.

Follow our communications on social media pages, all upcoming ecology volunteer events are announced on there with our volunteer email [email protected], which we monitor when we have imminent projects for registration.

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