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Apply for an allotment plot

To make an initial application for an allotment plot you need to complete the allotment plot enquiry.

If you need further information you can email or phone 01472 326289 option 3 and then option 4.

We will send you information about your chosen allotment site or the one nearest to you. You can then arrange with the site representative to view the available plots before formally applying. If all the plots are currently occupied you can add your name to the waiting list for that site and we will contact you when one becomes available, or you can choose another site.

We will usually contact you within 10 working days of your initial enquiry.

Pay allotment charges

If you have outstanding charges for your allotment plot then you can make an online payment.

Cost of allotment plots

A standard plot measures 0.25 roods (approximately 250 square metres). This can vary at sites and costs are reflected accordingly.

Water is metered at each site and the charge distributed between all tenanted plots on that site.

The annual cost for 2023 (inclusive of water and rent) is:

  • Carr Lane £98.24
  • Littlecoates £116.22
  • Peaksfield £110.32
  • Saltings £117.56
  • Springfield £112.27
  • Weelsby £109.81
  • Winchester £113.32

If you qualify for a concession the charge is reduced.

Tenancies run from 1 January to 31 December. This is a fixed annual cost irrespective of start date during the year i.e. if you take a plot in June you will be invoiced again in January.

Tenants are entitled to a plot at the reduced rate if they are over 60 years of age, have been unemployed for more than 12 months, are registered as disabled or in receipt of invalidity benefit, or are a full time student. Other circumstances may be considered.

If you have been unemployed for at least 12 months please print and return the allotment plot holder’s confirmation of employment form status (PDF, 863KB) . It must be signed at the Jobcentre Plus office.

Locations of North East Lincolnshire Council allotment sites

Carr Lane allotments – entrances off Lestrange Street, Cleethorpes and Beeley Road, Grimsby

Littlecoates allotments – entrance off Lister Street, Grimsby

Peaksfield allotments – entrance off Weelsby Avenue, Grimsby opposite the crematorium

Saltings allotments – entrance off Littlefield Lane, Grimsby

Springfield allotments – entrance off Springfield Road, Grimsby

Weelsby allotments – entrance off Garton Grove, Grimsby

Winchester allotments – entrance off Laceby Road opposite Norwich Avenue, Grimsby

Vacant plots at the allotment site are updated on a regular basis.

The vacant plot list is subject to change and the plot that you want may not be available at the time of applying. Please contact us if there is a specific plot you are interested in.

These sites are not managed by North East Lincolnshire Council:

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill allotment is situated on Montgomery Road, Cleethorpes, DN35 9JJ.

All enquiries regarding plots on this site should be made to:

Bill Gibson (BHALGS Plot letting officer)

Telephone: 07549637152



Immingham allotments are situated on Manby Road, DN40 2LE.

All enquiries regarding plots on this site should be made to:

Vanessa Steenvoorden (Finance Officer)

Telephone: 01469 727272

Fax: 01469 575475



Parish Council

Humberston – allotments are situated at Humberston Avenue, DN36 4DSU – adjacent to the cemetery.

All enquiries regarding plots on this site should be made to:

Humberston parish council

New Waltham – allotments are situated at Anningson Lane, DN36 4LH.

All enquiries regarding plots on this site should be made to:

Website: New Waltham Parish Council

For all other Parish allotment enquires please contact the relevant Parish Council. Information for these can be found on our Town and Parish pages.

Sheds and greenhouses on allotments

If you would like to apply for permission to site a shed, greenhouse or other structure on your plot then please see the guidelines document below. You can complete the shed application form  or apply in writing.

If there is already a structure on your allotment plot then the repairs and maintenance of this are your responsibility under the terms of your tenancy.

Keeping livestock on allotments

Allotment tenants are permitted to keep a reasonable number of hens, bees and rabbits on their allotment plot, under the terms of the NELC allotment tenancy agreement (clause 4).

Applications should be made by completing the Request to keep chickens on allotment sites .  Conditions will be monitored during site inspections and a maximum of 12 birds is permitted per plot holder.

Please note the keeping of cockerels is strictly forbidden

For further information please refer to the livestock conditions and guidelines document available in the related documents section below. Applications to keep bees or rabbits should be made to the allotment officer on 01472 326289 option 3, then option 4.

Report repairs and maintenance on the allotments

Report it to the Facilities Management Service Desk on 01472 324646. You will be asked for details of the damage or fault and its location. We will then have this looked at and action taken to resolve the problem.

You will be provided with a reference number for your job which you can use to track the progress.

Helpers on allotment plots

Plot holders may register friends or family members as helpers. Please apply online to register a plot helper  or if necessary plot holders can apply in writing to with the details of the tenant and helper and enclose one passport-sized photo.

Postal register a plot helper application (Word, 30KB)

An ID card will be sent to the helper who can obtain a key. Helpers are not permitted on the allotment until they have received the ID card. Anyone who is not a tenant or registered helper is not permitted on any allotment site.

Plot the helper must abide by the rules of the allotments. If they are found to have broken these rules the registered tenant of the plot will be held responsible for the behaviour under their Tenancy Agreement. The issuing of the helpers card and the granting of permission to access the plot does not constitute the formation of a legally binding Tenancy Agreement.

Lost allotment gate keys

If you have lost your keys, visit the Allotment office within Alexandra Dock Business Centre where a replacement key will be issued. A deposit of £10 and proof of allotment tenancy are required. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am to 12:30pm and 1pm to 4:30pm.

For Carr Lane allotment you will require an authorisation letter. Please contact allotment enquiries who will be able to issue you with one.

Rotavating plots

We no longer offer this service. However your site association may have a rotavator to hire or local hire companies will have these available for short term rent.

Cultivating plots

If you have received a non-cultivation letter then please complete the form enclosed with this or complete the allotment tenant’s notice to cultivate a plot form .

If you are unable to cultivate the plot and make improvements within the 28 days you may be required to terminate your tenancy.

Ending an allotment tenancy

If you no longer wish to have your allotment plot complete the allotment termination of tenancy form .

Transfer of plots to friends or relatives

It may be possible to terminate your tenancy and offer the plot to a friend or relative if there is no-one else currently on the waiting list for the plot. Please contact allotment enquiries to discuss this.

Allotment plot enquiry

Register an allotment plot helper

Allotment shed application form

Allotment tenant’s notice to cultivate a plot form

Allotment termination of tenancy form

Request to keep chickens on allotment sites

Allotment plot holder guide (PDF, 8MB)

Council allotment location map (PDF, 2MB)

Allotment newsletters

November Newsletter (PDF, 4MB)

August Newsletter (PDF, 4MB)

The National Allotment Society

Contact details


Telephone: 01472 326289 option 3 and then option 3 again

Address: Allotment Enquiries, Alexandra Dock Business Centre, Fishermans Wharf, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN31 1UL

Opening times: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm, except bank holidays