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Gambling and gaming machines

Gaming machines


Establishments with a premises licence authorising the sale of alcohol are automatically entitled to a maximum of two gaming machines (each of which may be category C or D) without the need for a permit or licence.

The licence holder will need to notify the council of the intention to provide these machines and pay the one off £50 fee.

You will need a gaming machine permit if you intend to use more than two gaming machines. There is no limit on the number of gaming machines that a licensed premises may apply for, but the council can restrict the number of gaming machines on individual premises.

Members clubs

Members only clubs may apply for a club machine permit to provide a maximum of three machines in categories B3A, B4, C and D (only one B3A allowed on each premise).

Commercial clubs

Commercial clubs are able to apply for a club machine permit for a maximum of three machines in categories B4, C or D.

View the different gaming machine categories which includes the maximum stake and prize available.

All machines other than those in category D may only be made available to those over the age of 18.


Licence typeCost
Application fee for provisional statement£1144
Licence for provisional statement premises£678
Application for new premises£1144
Annual fee£949
Variation of a licence£776
Transfer of a licence£684
Application for reinstatement of a licence£663

Gaming machines application for licensed premises – This includes notifications of up to two machines and applications for new, variations and transfers of existing permits

Gaming machine application form (Word, 94KB)

Poker tournaments

If you’d like to offer poker at your premises, you must following these legal guidelines.

  • No charge or entry fee may be made for participating in pub poker and no deductions may be made from the stakes or prizes. This rule also applies to independent organisers of tournaments at your premises.
  • A limited amount of low stakes, social poker may be played in licensed premises. There is a stakes limit of £5 per person per day and £100 per premises per day. The maximum prize for a game of poker is also £100.
  • The gambling act prohibits linked gaming, so licensees should not host events where players are competing against players in other licensed premises for a prize.
  • Poker may be played at non-commercial events. For example, a charity casino night where poker and equal chance gaming were provided could be organized to raise funds for charity.

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