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Novartis Ings – wildlife and birds at the site

11:13 am, Thursday, 22nd December 2022 - 1 year ago


Novartis Ings has played host to a range of new wildlife sightings in the last few weeks as over-wintering birds use the site.

Recent new sightings include Kittiwake, Goosander, Yellow-legged gull, Golden plover, Mediterranean gull, Spotted redshank and Iceland gulls.

The main aim of the site is to provide a haven for wildlife ahead of future potential development in the area. Companies looking to expand or invest in the area would have previously been required to obtain land for wildlife to offset their developments as a planning requirement, which can delay developments for months and can be hugely expensive. Thanks to the mitigation project, the land is ready and waiting for them.

The site was completed earlier this year, creating a temporary stopping off point for wildlife on their migration journeys where the waders in particular can feed on the very rich invertebrate food source on the mudflats.

Large numbers of golden plover, lapwing, black tailed godwit, curlew and others also stay all winter to benefit from the relatively mild climate combined with a reliable food source revealed twice a day by the tide.  Eventually most migrate back to their Northern breeding grounds in the spring.

The project to create the site also received an award from the Humber Nature Partnership (HNP) at the beginning of December.

Each year HNP’s Board presents an award to an individual, organisation or project which it feels has significantly benefitted the Humber’s environment in the last year.

On its website, the HNP say: “Along with other sites in both North and North East Lincolnshire it represents the culmination of many years of work by a range of organisations and demonstrates that with close working between conservation bodies, local businesses and local authorities that we can have both development and wildlife.

“The award was presented to the Novartis Ings project in recognition of the hard work and commitment of all involved, in particular North East Lincolnshire Council which has developed the site. The award also serves as a ‘thankyou’ to Novartis and recognises the company’s commendable approach to environmental issues on the Humber.”

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