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Opportunity To Tell The Council What You Think

3:42 pm, Wednesday, 21st February 2024 - 2 months ago


It is time to give the Council your views on everything that affects you in North East Lincolnshire. From children’s learning to health and wellbeing, growing the green economy or how safe you feel in your home or neighbourhood, let the Council know about it.

Our Place, Our Future aims to find out how it feels to live and work in this region. The survey is out now and runs until Friday March 15 2024.

If you ever find yourself moaning, having ideas for change or praising an aspect of your hometown then take part in this survey. It is easy to take part and the survey is split into five sections, centred around the five Council Outcomes, so you can skip any that do not interest you.

Under Learning and Skills, the council wants to hear your views on your children’s learning provision and your own aspirations in terms of work, education, and training so it can understand where priorities should lie in the years ahead.

Under Investing in Our Future, tell the council your thoughts on the growing green economy, the local environment and the things we all need to do to protect it. This includes, recycling, climate change, nature and more.

Vitality and Health concernsyour wellbeing and the services supporting everyone to stay well. This includes understanding the impacts of COVID-19, trends around smoking and alcohol, and mental health.

Economic Recovery and Growth gives you the opportunity to talk aboutyour views and aspirations about the local economy. This includes your ambitions for housing and culture and how the council can attract more visitors through tourism, and increase business investment.

Under Sustainable and Safe, the council wants to know how safe you feel in your home and local neighbourhood, and what it can do to address any concerns and vulnerabilities.

Responses to the survey will help the council to measure where people feel things are improving or getting worse, and understand how it can work better with residents to tackle challenges and make the most of arising opportunities.

You can have your say on Our Place, Our Future 2024 by following this link

Councillor Philip Jackson, Leader of North East Lincolnshire Council, said: “It’s so important that people have the chance to share their views and we are here to listen to them.

“I really do encourage as many people as possible to fill in this survey so that they can have their say on what matters to them, what affects them and how we can make North East Lincolnshire a better place for people to live, work and play. It is so easy and you do not have to fill in every section, just let us know what matters to you.”

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