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Public invited to have a say on new grant assessment plans.

3:07 pm, Friday, 2nd December 2022 - 1 year ago


North East Lincolnshire Council, working with its partners in social care and health, are proposing changes to the current Disabled Facilities Grant process.

New measures are set to be introduced to the present procedures, which will improve the time and way in which such grant applications are processed, agreed, and implemented across the Borough.  This will lead to a more efficient allocation of grants, allowing funded work to be carried out in peoples’ homes more effectively.

The new plans will also alleviate issues that have been experienced with the recruitment of Occupational Therapists, who work within the health sector and are required to assess the grant applications. There is a national shortage of such professionals and one measure being proposed is the employment of Trusted Assessors who will be fully qualified to assess the more straight-forward grant applications.

The over-arching changes represent the further implementation of a ‘whole system’ approach that will ensure people returning from hospital, as well as those still living independently, will receive the help and support they need to live safely in their own homes.

Changes also include a rise in grant amounts to reflect the increase in costs of works, and a two-tier procedure to separate straight-forward applications from the more complex adaptations, which take longer.

Disabled Facilities Grants are Government funded and administered by all Local Authorities. Applications are assessed and successful awards are wide-ranging but all focus upon changes required to peoples’ homes to allow them to live safely and independently.

To take part in the consultation please go to

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