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Concessionary parking permits

Concessionary parking permits are free or reduced cost parking, granted to support local charities and businesses. Concessionary parking permits can be provided for a variety of reasons including:

  • displacement due to pre-existing parking being removed
  • supporting charities
  • supporting large events

For further details about displacement, charities and events read the information below or for full details download our Concessionary Parking Procedures Policy (Word, 69KB) .

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To apply and pay for a season ticket, you need to create an account and make an application on our parking permit portal.

More about concessionary parking

In instances where individuals or businesses have already been given access to a concession due to the restriction of access to or the removal of parking provision the council through its partner Equans will on the decision to issue the yearly permit invoke the following conditions.

  • Concessionary permits will be valid for a period of 12 months commencing on 1st April of that year and expiring on 31st March the following year
  • Applications must be made to Parking Services for the concession on an annual basis by way of an application form and payment
  • An administration fee of £15.00 per permit will be required in order for Parking Services to process the application
  • As part of this application process the applicant may be contacted by an Officer of the local Transport Team in order to create a Personal Travel Plan. This will help to introduce the applicant to other sustainable travel options in keeping with those outlined in the Local Transport Plan (LTP) and in turn may reduce the requirement for a concessionary permit moving forward
  • Equans Parking Services will be responsible for processing any applications received and issuing the concessionary permits. The number of concessionary permits allocated and the location where these are valid for use will be determined by the Parking Services pending review of any application submitted
  • Concessionary permits are non-transferrable and cannot be reallocated to another applicant
  • Concessionary permits will be issued electronically by way of an E-permit. This will be assigned to the applicant’s vehicle registration mark specified upon application. Therefore, should the applicant change their vehicle they must notify Parking Services allowing at least two working days (Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays) for the E-permit to be amended.

For any new requests made for concessionary parking arrangements caused by the restriction of access to or the removal or parking provision, the council and its partner Equans will consider the following.

  • Was the loss of parking provision a direct result of the actions of the council?
  • Does the request originate from someone who was entitled to park there in the first place?
  • What are the financial implications of providing a concession?
  • What are the alternative transport methods in that location?
  • How many individuals have been affected?
  • How many parking spaces have been lost?
  • Where is the nearest alternative provision?

Once a concession has been approved, the location of the concession, any payment required, and any limit imposed on the number of applicants will be communicated to the applicant and an application pack will be sent out. Upon receipt of the application, the council and its partner Equans will invoke similar conditions to those used for existing displacement.

Both existing and future applications for concessionary parking permits received from charities will be subject to the same conditions as those applying due to displacement with the following additional condition:

  • Concessionary permits will only be issued to organisations who can demonstrate they are a registered charity.

Occasionally requests are made to the Service Area or the Council to temporarily waive or reduce the parking charges in one or more of the council’s Pay and Display car parks in support of an event (for example, the provision of free parking for volunteers at a charity fundraising event). Requests may be received from a variety of sources including community groups, charities, social enterprises and businesses. A request could be to waive or reduce charges for, specified vehicles, a specified number of bays or section of a car park, a whole car park or multiple car parks.

Before approving a request, the following must be considered:

  • What are the financial implications?
  • What is the impact on parking availability for other car park users?
  • Will it have a negative impact on adjacent businesses?
  • Will it have a negative impact on the Council’s reputation?
  • Will this bring wider impacts/benefit to the borough?

Each request will be considered on a case by case basis, and no decisions made will set a precedent for any requests received thereafter. The council reserves the right to refuse a request.

As these requests are received by Equans, where a request does not pose any foreseeable risk to the council, Equans may approve and administer a request.

Where a request has not been identified through the Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) process, event organisers should, as an alternative, forward their request to [email protected] typically allowing 30 working days prior to the date of the event. Should a request be for a large volume of vehicles/bays, involve an entire car park or multiple car parks the request may then be referred to the council for approval and thus this may take in excess of the 30 working days to process. Requests of this nature are for larger events planned over a longer period of time, so organisers are urged to make their request at the earliest opportunity to avoid disappointment.

Parking Services do not have the facility to temporarily reserve bays and therefore cannot guarantee a parking space. As such, the majority of requests received will be managed by way of temporary concessionary permits. Depending on the circumstances of the request these may be issued electronically to predefined vehicles or in a hard copy format to be circulated by an event organiser. Applicants will therefore be advised that whilst concessionary permits have been issued the use of the car park is on a first come, first serve basis and guidance may be given on peak times in order to minimise the probability of disappointment.

For events where there is a requirement to reserve bays or a section of a car park and it is imperative that this happens to enable the event to proceed, Parking Services will refer the request to Equans Highways operations department in order for them to facilitate this. The hiring and placement of cones may carry a charge which will be relayed to the event organiser.

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