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Disabled bays

If you meet the requirements you can apply for a disabled bay to be installed in front of your property.

A disabled bay is advisory only and is a reminder to drivers that a parking space is required by a disabled person.

Initial assessment

When we receive your application we carry out an initial assessment to see whether it is likely to progress further.

This initial assessment looks at:

  • your application
  • current on-street parking restrictions
  • your street layout and existing features (e.g. speed bumps)

If needed we may also visit the site to assess the application further.

We will notify you within 28 days if your request has been approved or refused. To be approved your application and the initial assessment will need to meet the criteria and policy.

Approved applications

If approved you will receive an invoice for £180.

Once we have received the payment we will get our lining team to install the road markings. We will try to do this within three months of your successful application.

Limited lining work takes place between October and March due to weather conditions. The thermoplastic material used for lining does not bond when the road is wet or too cold.

Apply for a disabled bay

If you have read the terms and conditions and are happy that you meet the requirements you can make a Disabled bay application.

Before applying you must read these terms and conditions. Approval of any application is subject to this information:

  1. Definitions
    • Council” means North East Lincolnshire Council;
    • “fee payer” means the person or agency paying for the provision of the road marking;
    • applicant” means the person for whom the marking is requested;
    • “road marking” means the white road marking as indicated on drawing number TS130/1028.4 (this comprises the road marking set out by the Department for Transport in The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 and indicates a parking bay for use by any disabled person). The bay will usually be installed within the property extents, and to a maximum length of 6.6 metres. Each location will be assessed on its own merits and as a result, bay lengths may vary on the same street.
  2. The road marking is not enforceable by the council’s Civil Enforcement Officers or any private enforcement organisation. It is only a courteous reminder that a parking space is required by a disabled person.
  3. The road marking does not reserve a parking space solely for the applicant, their representative or the fee payer.
  4. The road marking will only be approved for installation where the road outside the property is part of the adopted highway and is not a private road or is yet to be adopted.
  5. The road marking will only be approved for installation where there are no other formal restrictions present, such as existing double yellow lines or school zig-zag markings.
  6. The road marking is intended to be available for use by any blue badge holder regardless that this may not be the applicant.
  7. The fee (currently £180) tendered to the Council is for vetting the application form, making all necessary arrangements for the road marking to be installed and for the actual cost of the installation of the marking.
  8. The road marking remains the property of the Council. It is not owned by the applicant, their representative or the fee payer.
  9. Should the Council wish to remove the road marking to modify or improve the existing road network they may do so without any obligation to reinstate it.
  10. The road marking will only be approved for installation outside of the property to which the applicant is resident.
  11. The road marking will only be approved if no off-street parking is available.
  12. All applications must have a vehicle registered at the property and proof of this must be supplied with the application.
  13. The applicant must qualify for one of the below mentioned benefits to meet the application criteria and evidence of the qualifying benefit must be supplied with the application.
    • Higher Rate mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance
    • Personal Independence Payment – You must be in receipt of the enhanced rate of the mobility component and receive a score of 12 points under the ‘moving around’ section
  14. The applicant must supply proof of residence such as, a utility bill dated within the last three months in the name of the applicant.
  15. The applicant must have a valid blue badge and evidence of this must be supplied with the application.
  16. If the road marking is approved and an invoice is issued, this must be paid before the road marking is applied.
  17. The Council reserves the right to determine whether any application for the road marking is approved or refused, in which case the applicant will receive an explanation of why the application was refused.
  18. In the event that a disabled bay marking fades and the user wishes the Council to make arrangements to refresh it, the user will be asked to undergo an eligibility check to ensure that they still meet the requirements for having a bay outside their property. The eligibility check will require the user to re-submit an online application in order to provide their documentation as proof of their continued eligibility for the bay. Should the application fail to pass the eligibility check the disabled bay markings will be left to fade until such time as we are in receipt of a valid application.

Happy with the terms and conditions? Make a Disabled bay application.

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