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Travel planning


A travel plan is a package of measures put together to encourage the use of sustainable transport such as:

  • walking
  • cycling
  • public transport
  • car sharing

The aim of a travel plan is to reduce the reliance on single occupancy car use, explore existing travel patterns and encourage greener, smarter travel throughout North East Lincolnshire.

A travel plan can offer real benefits, not only to organisations and schools, but also to the community and environment in the surrounding area.

Travel plan guidance

Everything you need to know about travel planning in North East Lincolnshire can be read in our Travel plan guidance (PDF, 5MB) .

Case studies

Introducing sustainable travel choices for a healthier, happier workforce

Morrisons, the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in the UK, employ over 550 staff at their production facilities in Grimsby, in addition to staff at their Laceby
Road supermarket. Morrisons are one of the area’s largest employers.

Morrisons source and process most of their fresh food through their own manufacturing facilities at sites based on Lakeside and Pegasus Way, Europarc, Grimsby.

In March 2017 Morrisons worked with North East Lincolnshire Council’s regeneration partner EQUANS (formerly ENGIE) and Liftshare to promote and encourage sustainable
travel on Europarc. During the Europarc Green Travel Week, Liftshare and North East Lincolnshire Council assembled a stall in Morrisons cafeteria with free
information about sustainable travel and branded merchandise with key contact details. The team
engaged with staff to assess their individual
travel opportunities and deliver personalised travel

The week was a huge success with a high level of positive staff engagement on site and over 100 personalised travel plans delivered at Morrisons Lakeside alone.

Over the course of the week there were 206 sign-ups to the Liftshare car sharing Europarc group and over 250 entries into the free prize draw.

Following the successful week, names of seven Morrisons employees were selected at random as prize draw winners. Rachel Dackombe, Morrisons People Manager, assisted in presenting a selection of fantastic prizes including £50 shopping vouchers, £25 gift cards, 1 month gym passes and Stagecoach Megarider tickets.

North East Lincolnshire Council’s regeneration partner EQUANS (formerly ENGIE) are now in discussions with Morrisons to develop a Business Travel Plan at the site and hope to work closely with the company on future projects. It is hoped that the success of the events week has inspired staff and motivated them to make healthier lifestyle choices and switch to more sustainable transport in the near future.

School takes steps to encourage healthier, greener travel choices

Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe is a primary education school at the heart of Grimsby’s Nunsthorpe Estate.

The academy has recently worked with North East Lincolnshire Council to develop a Business Travel Plan.

In February 2017 Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe submitted a successful application for Sustainable Travel Grant funding. Over the coming months, the school plan to introduce a series of green travel initiatives, intended to encourage and enable staff to make healthier travel choices, and, where possible, walk or cycle to work.

Although 73% of staff at Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe live within a 2-4km cycle range, with many living on the estate itself, at the time of the staff travel survey only 11% of staff walked or cycled to work on a regular basis.

The survey uncovered that many would like to cycle or walk, but considered carrying school equipment to be a barrier to sustainable transport.

In response, Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe will use the sustainable travel grant funding to provide staff who wish to walk or cycle to work with:

  • backpacks or trolley bags to transport their equipment
  • personal safety alarms
  • lockers for the storage of wet weather gear and cycling equipment

Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe also plan to host ‘Cyclists Breakfasts’ to provide support and reward those who cycle to work. It is hoped that the cyclists breakfasts will improve staff sociality and build a sense of community.

Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe are confident that the new equipment will inspire staff and students to explore their travel options, lead a healthier, more active lifestyle and switch to sustainable modes of transport. It is anticipated that the shift towards more sustainable transport choices including cycling, walking and public transport, will relieve pressure on the on-site car parks, reduce congestion and make the site safer and more accessible to staff, students and visitors.

Freshney Green Personalised Travel Planning Case Study

Introduction to Freshney Green

North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) working in partnership with EQUANS (formerly ENGIE) have been engaging the local residents who reside within the Freshney Green Estate to both encourage and promote sustainable and active travel within the local area.

The estate consists of 340 modern eco-friendly homes, which have enabled the area to become a high quality sustainable development which is situated two miles west of Grimsby’s town centre. Several residents of the estate already utilise sustainable and active modes of travel which is encouraged by North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) and EQUANS (formerly ENGIE).

Personalised Travel Plans

North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) commissioned residential personalised travel plans to be delivered within a small localised area of the borough, in order to better understand the transport needs of the local residents and assess the different modes of transport which they currently have available.

This was done through several Travel Advisors going door to door gathering information on how they currently make their most regular journeys and then providing them with information regarding the more sustainable modes of transport which they have available to them. Interaction and engagement during the delivery of all three stages of the project was exceptional, with many residents enthused to sign up in order to receive a personalised travel plan.

Shortly after the delivery of the personalised travel plans, a free prize draw took place Mrs Fox of 82 Sorrel Road, a resident of the Freshney Green Estate was selected as the top prize winner and received £50.00 in Amazon vouchers.

While 37 Elder Road and 14 Silver Birch Place received £20.00 worth of cinema vouchers each and 14 Wild Cherry Mews received a month membership with Lincs Inspire along with four other winner who received Mega Riders and cycle safety kits.

Quotes from Residents

“Walking enables you to have a healthier lifestyle, so walk while you can and take the bus if you are unable so you are reducing the amount of times you use the car ”

82 Sorrel Road

“Beneficial for the area, and increasing awareness to people on the estate of what is available to them as more sustainable modes of transport”

4 Fern Court

“The estate has good connections, especially with bus four running direct through to Cleethorpes as well as to the centre of town.”

37 Elder Road

“The scheme is really beneficial for the area and since the visits we have reduced our car use further. We believe you can not beat a good walk to get some fresh air. Children of today sometimes have not even been on a bus, train or even rode a bike which is such a shame and it is about time this changed.”

5 Elder Road

Outcome of the Personalised Travel Planning

Now that the local residents of the Freshney Green Estate are more aware of the sustainable transport modes, it is anticipated that the shift towards more sustainable transport choices.

This includes cycling, walking and public transport, which will inspire both current and future residents of the estate to explore their travel options, lead a healthier, more active lifestyle and switch to sustainable modes of transport. All this with the added benefit of relieving pressure on the roads in the surrounding areas.

Quote from Travel Advisors

“… We have had a positive impact on roughly 25% of the households, through providing them with knowledge on what sustainable transport they have available to them within the local area .”

Senior Travel Advisor

“I feel we had have made an impact with a good majority of the household which we made contact with in the Freshney Green Estate, with several of the residents been really engaged with the scheme and willing to change their habits where possible… ”

Travel Advisor

Find out more

If you want to register your interest in travel planning and find out more information about it email us at [email protected].

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